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The world of web design is a systematic cohesion of people skills and skilled developers. The sole dependability on a skilled developer to generate an effective website that appeals to the client is a crucial judgment error. To understand the true nature of what is required by the client from the developer and from the website, requires a flow of communication that effectively caters the needs of clients as well as the developer. Hence the presence of efficacious communication skills in a developer are vital to the assurance of long-term benefits.

The companies that are focused on the establishment of long term healthy relationships with their clients reap the most outcome. The balance in this correspondence is extremely delicate as a better relationship is often equated to the “client is always right” policy. However, the understanding of the fact that the client is the subject matter expert and the designer is the technical expert serves towards the establishment of a healthy relationship.

This is especially true in a setup where the subject matter happens to be unchartered waters for the developer, such as the beauty or the fashion industry.

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These e-commerce platforms cater to an audience that are almost entirely foreign to the technicality of web design but are highly critical towards the ‘aesthetics’ of a website.

The following techniques if incorporated in the requirement analysis phase of a project will go a long for the comfort of the client, understanding of the developer and the efficiency of the project.

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Listen Keenly

Listening is the key to establishment of a healthy, respectful relationship with any client let alone the clients that belong to the fashion or the beauty industry. The traits these clients share in common are artistic expression and attention to detail. Whereas these are exactly the things that need to be depicted in a web platform that represents them. Complete satisfaction of a client can only be achieved if a developer has the keen sense to infer the basic elements of the web design from a casual discussion with the client. The layout, theme and other front end elements of the design can be easily understood by the designer in an initial sitting by simply observing the body language and paying close attention to the words of the client.

Mere listening, however, will not get you the functional requirements essential for an efficient web platform. Hence communicating with the client in lay man terms and explaining the limitations of the design where necessary is highly crucial as it sets a tone that prevents unrealistic expectations over the clients’ part.

Top Rated Trends:

Familiarizing your client with the current trends of the web designing industry would develop a mutual interest and will also provide as a tool for informative conversation between the designer and the clients. The latest trends of the industry such as:

  • Animated Typography
  • “Corrupted” Images
  • Clean Layouts

These design elements coincide with the ever evolving trends of the beauty and fashion industry which would be conducive to the development of an up-to-date, tasteful web design.

Be Empathetic

The process of interviewing and communicating with a client must not be reduced to a professional procedure which is a necessary step in the completion of the development process. Business relationships are not that different from personal relationships, especially when it comes to communication. Any form of effective communication requires understanding of the subject and respect for the individuals involved. This entails that a developer be well researched in the field of the client while incorporating that understanding in communication with the client. Communication on a level higher than the professional bounds while maintaining professional courtesy requires empathy and patience from the developer. A relationship built in light of the aforementioned techniques would establish a trust between both the parties benefiting every stakeholder in the long run.

Agree With Your Client On Their Goals

As a developer you must be able to identify the clients’ requirements and preferences by the initial correspondence. However, the clients that are specifically dependant on the layout and outlook of the website for their livelihood would require special attention to detail from the developer on such matters. A developer must be extremely cautious in terms of these interpretations and must identify the details that are simply too unrealistic for implementation. Clients that have limited knowledge of the technical aspect must be dealt with extreme caution and explained the limitations in layman terms as to not be dismissive of their goals. The fact has to be kept in mind that the client is the field expert and is more aware of the output that is required of the web design. For instance clients from the beauty or fashion industry prefer micro interactions of the user with their website as the market is highly saturated and the user of the website is bombarded with diverse options. Any hindrance or extra clicks will be detrimental to the business.

Keep Your Client Updated

All the mentioned techniques have been focused on communication with the client, which makes it apparent that communication is the holy grail of relationships. The quality and efficiency of the conversation is not the only aspect that must be kept in a developer-client relationship. The frequency of this conversation is also important. The client must be aware of the progress of the project as well as any setbacks that have been encountered. This practice strengthens the trust that has been already established with the client. Constant communication will also ensure the relativity of the project as there may be changes in the requirement due to the rapid pace of the industry. Hence honesty and a healthy flow of communication is essential to the execution of the project and a satisfied client.

This article paints an idealistic scenario that every client seeks in a web design firm. Idealism is certainly strived for but seldom achieved. A web and graphic design company that provides you with a functional product while providing a pleasureful work experience is what every client needs. 

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