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Twitter is a top social networking site that allows users to communicate and send information in 140 characters or less. You can retweet or share status updates, reply to comments, or use hashtag labels to keep track of conversations surrounding different topics.

Though Twitter is a seemingly simple concept, the powerful communication and promotion results from this social network are astounding. Twitter posts create real-time conversations and news from a diverse range of individuals, searchable status updates, and the ability to tag followers in posts to alert them to your messages.

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms of our time. Since its recent IPO, Twitter has brought several new advertising services to the market, including Conversion Tracking and Tailored Audiences. These branding features help businesses connect with potential customers across multiple devices.

Nowadays, Twitter offers a platform to connect with the most influential people in your industry. Thousands of authors, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more are offering value and connecting with all kinds of users. Even if you are new to Twitter, you can still build a connection with leaders who have hundreds (or millions of followers)! It is a slow process, but if you regularly follow our Twitter action tips below, your business will be much better positioned as an authority.

Strategies to Connect with Industry Leaders on Twitter

1. Listen.

On Twitter, everyone is talking (when we say everybody, we mean everybody!). When you first start using the service and following a few people, it can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to be heard, shared, and retweeted. However, take the time use Twitter as a listening tool. Listen to the conversations related to your business, and you’ll be better equipped to contribute when you feel comfortable.

2. Engage with users.

Now that you listened to the Twitter, start off by following a few users. Check out who they follow, and then retweet them back by using the “@” symbol in addition to their username to tag them in statuses. Join designated Twitter Chats by searching for hashtags to participate in larger conversations around a specific topic. Once you feel comfortable, you can create your own Twitter Chat. Active participation and responding to tweets will help you better understand your audience’s needs.

3. Share relevant content.

Contribute to the narrative of your industry by tweeting out informative articles to your readers. Use your expertise and knowledge! You will also want to utilize hashtags so that users find your valuable Twitter content, even if you aren’t targeting them specifically. Feel free to share your own crafted content as well, as long as it is related to your target audience.

4. Be consistent with your updates.

Similar to a blog, posting to your Twitter stream on a regular basis when you start tweeting is crucial to increasing your number of followers. How often you post is up to you and your business. While posting at a higher frequency is correlated with an increased Twitter following, we advise you to be as active as you can on a consistent basis.

5. Follow who your leaders follow.

Following who your influencers follow is important in order to target your business’s audience. This tactic puts into perspective what your leaders value and allows you to provide similar content and insights. As an added bonus, mention these top influencers in Twitter status updates and retweet their content. Talk to them, thank them, and engage in conversations. If they follow your Twitter handle, your authority will also increase!

*BONUS*: Use Twitter Search

Twitter Search is a heavily underestimated feature of Twitter. Think about it: you can find influencers and search terms in real-time. With Twitter Search, look up queries with keywords related to your niche and pinpoint exactly who you want to connect with.

Learning More

Utilizing all these tips will certainly boost your authority on Twitter, build your network and connect with influencers who could potentially support your business.  For more helpful tips to boost your Twitter presence check out these past blog posts:

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