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Background on Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! was one of the first sites to launch a Question and Answer platform (formerly know as Yahoo! Q & A). Today, it still provides a largely active community of users.

Users are encouraged to provide quality, helpful answers to community participants. The best answers are even featured on the Yahoo! Answers blog. Users moderate comments and questions, reporting posts that breach the community guidelines and promoting posts that add benefit to the forum.

There are several ways this can benefit your business. First, you can build a reputation of answering questions and providing helpful information to people in relevant niches. Second, this can drive traffic back to your main site.

Similarly, you can ask questions to get contributions from more informed members of the community. Not to worry; you can still be an authority while you ask questions, although answering more questions than you ask is best.

You can also vote up other answers and start to follow other thought leaders in your space. Be sure to share your answers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

How to Answer Questions

Note: Before you get started, don’t forget to sign up and create an account in Yahoo!

Step 1. Click here to go to Yahoo! Answers.

Step 2. Enter your topic into the search bar, or go to the Answer section, and click on the topics around your area of expertise and start answering questions.

Also, when choosing a category, feel free to choose from any of the subcategories for more specific topics.

Step 3. Choose between “Relevance,” “Newest,” “Most Answers,” and “Fewest Answers,” depending on your preference.

Step 4. Click on a question and begin answering!

UpCity members, please follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Become an Authority > Become an Authority Basics > Social Networking 101: Join the Conversation.

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