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Background on Authorship Markup

Authorship markup allows search engines to display the writer’s information along with his or her photograph when the article is listed in the search results.

Authorship attribution provides several SEO benefits for your business. First, it makes the content and listing stand out compared to others in search results. Readers will find your content above others and drive traffic to the website. In addition, Google authorship adds credibility to your business by creating authority and recognition. Authorship will also lift your Google Plus numbers at the same time. Linking your authorship increases communication with readers as well as improves notable visits.

The impact of Google authorship is growing everyday, and it is important to claim  if you haven’t already. We will review these quick steps below to complete authorship markup on your website.

Process to Create Authorship Markup 

Step 1: Log into to your Google Plus account.

Step 2: Click the View Profile button. Make sure that you have a high quality and professional photograph in your profile. The image helps draw readers into your website’s content.

Step 3: Locate the contributor section. Then, click the “About” button, and scroll down to find the Contributor section.

Step 4: In the Contributor section, click the Edit button to submit your website.

Step 5: When you click the Edit button, you will see a pop-up window.  Click on the “Add custom link” button in the Contributor section.

Step 6: Enter your website’s Title and URL, and then click the Save button. If you wish to add multiple links, click the “Add custom link” button. Enter the relevant information and click on “Save.”

To check your work, view your website links in the Contributor section.

Click here and enter the URL and Google Plus page.

Congratulations, you successfully created an authorship markup. Your content will gain more visibility in search engine results. The authorship may not appear in search results right away, but the photo will display eventually, especially if you are posting content on a consistent basis.

After you achieve authorship, you may receive an email from Google about your Authorship. This email contains a link that lists your current pages in Google’s search index.

It is also important to note Google recently launched embedded Google Plus posts, which allows published articles throughout the web. With Google Authorship, your blog posts now increase their potential to gain better exposure and rankings. Make sure you are fully utilizing this featuring by linking your Google Plus page to your website, which displays the authorship markup.

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Advanced Presence Optimization > Website 301: Advanced Website Optimization.