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In the United States today, 77% of people have a social media profile, according to a recent report from Given that this number is on the rise as more and more of the population is jumping on the social media bandwagon, marketers need to make social media a priority.

Customers today expect instant answers and customer service at their fingertips. As brick and mortar stores are starting to become less prevalent, it is important that good customer service is not lost. Not only is social media a way to uncover insights about the customer, but it also provides a quick way to resolve problems or answer customer questions. With help from customer relationship management (CRM) technology, social media marketing and communication can be simple for employees and beneficial to your customers.

How can you use CRM to help with social media marketing? You might know about the benefits of CRM for storing customer data, generating sales, and increased collaboration across departments, but did you know that you can integrate your social media channels into your CRM platform? Traditional CRM will keep track of interactions with customers via email and phone communication, but when you integrate social media with your CRM, you can also keep track of social media interactions. In a technology-driven society, how quickly you resolve problems or get back to your customers is a huge sentiment for your company’s overall brand image.

Another way that CRM can help with social media marketing is to provide your organization with a comprehensive social media presence. Often companies will leave social media to be run by one department, which leaves room for discrepancies when it comes to responding and engaging with customers. To keep social media consistent, use CRM to help your organization work in one platform that all departments can access. It is important to note that 21% of millennials will unfollow a brand due to a bad experience, according to Accurate, timely, responses to customers are crucial for a successful social media presence and CRM can help your organization achieve this.

While many brands are focused on gaining followers, they fail to recognize that engaging with current followers and keeping track of their customer journey is one of the best ways to foster strong customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management technology can help you to track and benchmark customer journeys. Beyond “likes” and follows, engagements show a brands “human” side. Tracking these engagements in CRM can help provide insights and more data that can turn leads into customers.

Jillian Papa
Jillian Papa
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Jillian Papa is a content writer for Cloudsquare, a Salesforce consulting company with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. She is also currently a student at Suffolk University Sawyer Business School studying Marketing and Business Law. Jillian recently spent the summer as a Supplier Management Intern at Fidelity Investments in both the Merrimack New Hampshire location and the Boston, Massachusetts headquarters. In her free time, Jillian enjoys traveling and spending time with her Mini Schnauzer, Cleo.