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A strong link building campaign can make a significant impact as a ranking factor. In fact, quality links are typically listed as one of the top ranking factors and an influential asset for the online marketing strategy of any business. A link provides a valuable affirmation of the quality of your site providing evidence for search engines that your site and content are trustworthy.

Linking from one site to another is important, however to make it worthwhile and beneficial there must be purpose and intention behind the link. Simply filling content with link after link will not produce the results you are after.  In order for links to fulfill their intended purpose, they must provide something of value. True value in link building comes from creating relationships with established sites and domains, both high authority and niche. The question, however, lies in determining which sites are worth concentrating link-building efforts on. While there is undoubtedly value in both, which provides the greater return?

The Importance Of A Valuable Link

As previously mentioned, backlinks are consistently identified as a top ranking factor for Google and an invaluable tool for SEO. Simply put, a link leads users from one page to another providing additional information that is both valuable and supportive of your own content. It also carries significant potential for improved rankings.

Links provide search engines with a legitimate connection to new webpages and, more importantly, influences how it choses to rank a page in its results page. Google uses links as a way to measure the quality of a page, which makes it all the more important to ensure that you provide strong, high-quality links. Links provide a token of credibility and trust and at the same time boost your authority in the world of SEO. They do range, however, in levels of value. Some provide basic support of the information provided while others generate traffic, show relevancy, prove quality, and establish authority.

Strategic Link Building

While links may vary in value, strategic link building can provide significant worth to the reputation of your site. The success in link building, however, is not simply in increasing the number of links within your own content, nor is it achieved by over-linking to your own content. An effective link building campaign is one that can find the balance between taking advantage of the technique, without abusing it. In order to do this, you must be strategic in your efforts, concentrating on tactics for higher domain authority that will earn high quality links without neglecting those for lower domain authority that will provide the niche links that put emphasis in your market.

The first step in implementing a successful link building campaign is to determine the value the link will provide for your site. For example, it’s obvious that links from a high domain authority carry greater weight and will significantly improve your chances of ranking well, making it extremely beneficial to put a lot of your eggs in that basket, so to speak. At the same time, niche links can help provide relevance and generate focused traffic from the direct market you are a part of, so be sure to save some eggs for another basket.  

What Are Higher Domain Authority Links?

The simple answer is that a high quality link is one coming from a high quality site.

What makes a high quality site though? Although the answer can be subjective, it typically will be one that demonstrates:

  • Consistent traffic and following
  • A reputation for trustworthy, valuable and relevant content
  • Well known with an extended online reach and potential for exposure
  • Known authority or leadership
  • High ranking in search results

What Are Niche Links?

In short, a niche link is one from a website directly related or connected to your company’s industry. A niche link provides a highly relevant link to your specific brand with a clear and direct connection to your industry purpose. Niche links are strategically placed to increase visibility for those readers specifically looking for what your business has to offer.

Higher Domain Authority Links Vs. Niche Links

By definition, it would appear that both higher quality and niche links are valuable for comprehensive link building. While this may be true, how do you decide how many eggs to put in each basket?

Although both efforts can deliver value and play a part in improving ranking, higher quality ranks are worth the greater majority of your efforts. Higher quality links are best, simply because they come from higher quality sites. While a niche site can provide targeted industry benefits, they typically have a lower domain authority, which in turn creates a lower SEO impact. Higher domain authority sites, on the contrary, are practically guaranteed to provide greater SEO benefits.

Linking from sites that Google has already established as trustworthy and reputable, automatically provide you with a vote of confidence in the eyes of the search engine. Linking from sites with a lower domain authority is still beneficial, but will lack the instant affirmation.

Effective Link Building Strategies

Link building is not only effective for ranking, it is also effective for growth; both of which benefit the long-term success of your business. Links work to generate traffic so you want to make sure that you are leading users to the level of quality your link should attest to.

Investing in a comprehensive content marketing campaign is invaluable and a strong complement for any link building campaign. Ensure that you are providing high quality content that appeals to your target audience, delivering the best information or service for what they’re looking for.  Blogging on your own site and guest blogging on higher domain authority sites create excellent opportunities for effective high quality links.

Social media provides another excellent opportunity for link building as it allows you to significantly extend your exposure. As your link is shared or re-tweeted, it spreads the reach of your site and content.

Spend time establishing relationships with both higher domain authority sites and niche sites.  With a relationship in place, you are better able to create a consistent pattern of mutual benefit through symbiotic link building.

Link building leads to growth and ranking and is still a prominent factor for getting your site listed at the top of a search engine results page. Avoid shady tactics that promise big results and make sure that you dedicate time and effort in creating a link building campaign that will get you noticed and trusted by search engines.

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