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Get clients comfortable with their purchases.
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When customers subscribe, purchase, or share information about your business, they need to know that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company.

Whether you are completing an audit for an existing site or launching a brand new site, Terms and Conditions pages are a fundamental component for any small business. A clearly defined and welcoming Terms and Conditions page (also referred to as Terms of Service or Terms of Use depending on your type of business) will perform a number of key elements for your website. As a rules keeper and symbol of trust, the Terms and Conditions will ultimately drive more conversions and web traffic. If stated visibly on your website, these essential component are also covered:

  • Nurtures customers and encourages them to feel more comfortable and relaxed with your business.
  • Acts as a symbol of credibility and trust for potential and current clients.
  • Provides important legal information and rights to protect your business.
  • Establishes a website privacy policy.

Before You Begin

Refer to these tips prior to drawing up your Terms and Conditions agreement:

  • Don’t rush when compiling this page. You would be surprised how many Terms and Condition pages we come across that are sloppy-looking and contain incorrect information.
  • Study and refer to your legal offline terms to draft your terms.
  • Know that services and terms can be simple or detailed, depending on your industry. Remember that it does not always have to be too complicated and long, unless you run a big business with heavy legal implications.
  • Examine Terms and Conditions pages of competitor businesses in your industry: You will get a sense of what details are needed, and also think about how you want to make your page better.
  • Take a peek at webpages from well-known, larger businesses. Even though these websites may not fully relate to your audience, they display quality design and text to consider when compiling your own Terms and Conditions pages.

Get Started with One of these Options

Once prepared, it is time to begin compiling your business’s Terms. A few general options are listed below:

  • Refer to an attorney or Internet law consultant for help.
  • Online tools are available to generate basic Terms and Conditions pages for websites. Test them out to determine if they fit your business needs.
  • Use a basic template that you can find in an online search, and customize it for your website.

Tips To Consider as You Create or Optimize:

  • The page should be easy to find in your website and not hidden from viewers. Include a findable link on your homepage.
  • Ensure the Terms and Conditions content is understandable for the average reader. Another option is to divide it out into two sections (the clients versus the lawyers).
  • Personalize the terms to your business. For example, an e-commerce site will include wording on credit card data, refunds, and returns. Yet, a fitness center will include a cancellation policy and disclaimer on heath concerns.
  • Update the Terms and Conditions page on a consistent basis. Note the “update date” at the bottom or top of the content.

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Convert > Conversion Basics > Measure & Convert 101: Key Items.

How did your website craft its Terms and Conditions page? What advice can you provide for new businesses looking to begin this process? Let us in the comments section below.

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