It has been one month since the first official UpCity Growth Hacking Giveaway ended and we’re excited to kick off 2018 with a bang with an update on our work with the giveaway winner, Ola Moana Marketing!  As a reminder (and for those of you who may not have heard about our giveaway), we recently completed a giveaway over $30,000 worth of marketing services. In addition to helping our winning agency craft an optimized growth funnel throughout the year of 2018, we’ll be documenting the entire process here on our blog so you can learn from our successes and failures.

The Three Foundations of Successful Digital Agencies

As fans of our Agency Framework series know, we at UpCity believe that successful digital agencies rely on three key foundations: business strategy, sales & marketing, and operations.

Our goal with Ola Moana Marketing is to help them scale as much as possible during the year of 2018 by supporting each of these 3 foundations. Before we can begin to touch on their sales & marketing or operational efforts, we need to begin with their overall business strategy to assess where the largest opportunity is for growth.

The Discovery Process

During our first few calls with the agency, we wanted to outline their business’ current strategy and how they have positioned themselves in the market. We also wanted to assess the size of Ola Moana’s team and develop a better understanding of their overall goals for the upcoming year. A few of the questions we asked during this initial discovery process were:

  • Tell us about your offering. What do you sell most?
  • Who is your target market? Are you verticalized? Large vs. small? Local vs. e-commerce / national?
  • Who is in charge of fulfillment for your various offerings? In-house? Outsourced?
  • Who in your organization is focused on selling?
  • How much have you sold in the past month? What about the past year?
  • How do you currently manage your contacts? Any CRM?
  • Are you looking to grow in 2018? How much?

Based on the agency’s answers during these initial calls, our team of digital marketing experts were able to identify a few crucial areas where UpCity could fill in the gaps and facilitate growth for Ola Moana Marketing.

Reseller Services to Ease Operational Stress

Ola Moana is a small operation and Jeton, their owner, loves engaging with his clients on a person-to-person basis. As a result, most of his clientele comes from word of mouth and referrals and the top of his funnel is quite strong. His main concern is that he is quickly reaching operational capacity. He doesn’t want to sacrifice the opportunity to engage with clients, so a partnership with UpCity’s reseller services will allow him to continue to expand his business while taking a large amount of the everyday work off his plate.

SEO: Localize to Optimize

Ola Moana Marketing has worked with a variety of businesses ranging from surf shops to immigration lawyers. Their business strategy doesn’t rely on any one niche, though they do work with a sizable amount of clients in the San Diego area. As a result, targeting the San Diego area in particular with their online marketing efforts will enable Ola Moana to expand their reach into a new client base (most of their clientele is currently from word of mouth).

SEO: Become a Content Machine

With the help of our dedicated team of professional writers, we’ll be helping Ola Moana supercharge their content and increase the amount of actionable traffic to their site. A fully optimized website along with a targeted content strategy will further increase Ola Moana’s visibility.

SEO: Track, Analyze, Learn

Although previously the team had used other software solutions, by switching everything to the UpCity platform, Ola Moana will be able to consolidate the amount of time wasted switching in and out of different apps. With all the data in the same place, Ola Moana will have more time to interact with clients and close new sales!

Beyond client data, we’ll be able to keep an eye on how is performing, learning from our shortcomings and adjusting accordingly.

Thanks to a focused discovery process, we were able to quickly gather the necessary information and identify crucial areas where we can assist Ola Moana. Our quarterly strategies will focus specifically on these key areas as we continue to help Ola Moana scale in 2018. 

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Jordan is the Manager of Content & Product Marketing at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.