About 1.17 billion people use Google’s search engine, and Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. With the wide audience that Google has, they like to keep things interesting as well as informative or commemorative. It is a delight for users of Google’s search engine to see a clever new doodle every day. SEOs everywhere spend every day working with Google SERPs. Google’s creative logo designs make that experience more fun! Here we take a look at our favorite Google Doodles from 2016.

Children’s Day 2016 (India)

Google Doodle - Children’s Day 2016 (India)

India’s Google doodle on Children’s day is truly a delight and depicts the fun and adventure children experience throughout their youth. The image shows small children lounging in leaves, staring up at the sky, and swimming in the ocean with creatures of the deep.

Veterans Day 2016

Google Doodle - Veterans Day 2016

Google commemorates Veterans Day in the United States quite well in their doodle. It is sufficiently patriotic, featuring many waving American Flags, and provides an accurate image of America’s veterans. Depicted are men and women veterans as well as disabled veterans marching in a parade.

Walter Cronkite’s 100th Birthday

Google Doodle - Walter Cronkite’s 100th Birthday

This Google doodle celebrates Walter Cronkite’s 100th Birthday. Walter Cronkite was an American household name, known for being an American broadcast journalist and anchorman for the CBS evening news. This doodle is animated and features a cartoon version of Cronkite reporting the evening news on the doodle’s television.

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s 384th Birthday

Google Doodle - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s 384th Birthday

Another creatively animated doodle is Google’s commemorative doodle celebrating Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s 385th Birthday. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek was a Dutch tradesman and scientist, known for discovering protozoa. He is also known as the father or microbiology. The doodle shows moving science equipment.

Labor Day 2016 (US)          

Google Doodle - Labor Day 2016 (US)

Google’s doodle celebrating Labor Day in the US shows the diversity of workers in America that keep America running. Labor Day is celebrated in honor of America’s hard workers that have contributed a great deal to America’s success and strength.

37th Anniversary of The NeverEnding Story’s First Publishing

Google Doodle - 37th Anniversary of The NeverEnding Story's First Publishing

Google celebrated the 37th anniversary of The NeverEnding Story’s first publishing with a creative doodle of a young boy reading The NeverEnding Story. Above the reading boy you can see one of the characters of the book, Falkor, flying through the night sky. The NeverEnding Story is a German fantasy novel that later was adapted into film.

Teachers Day 2016 (US)

Google Doodle - Teachers Day 2016 (US)

Google’s Teachers Day (US) doodle celebrates Teachers Day with a fun animated doodle of walking pencils representing a teacher and her class. Teachers Day is celebrated all over the world on differing days in honor of all the teachers that shape and mold the minds of the world’s youth.

Total Solar Eclipse 2016

Google Doodle - Total Solar Eclipse 2016

In celebration of 2016’s solar eclipse, Google created a fun animated doodle of the earth, sun and moon. In the .gif, the moon appears and stops the sun’s warming rays and light from reaching a disgruntled earth. Solar eclipses happen more than once annually, but no more than two solar eclipses totally eclipse the sun in a calendar year.

Leap Year 2016

Google Doodle - Leap Year 2016

This animated Google doodle shows two sleeping rabbits and the third rabbit jumping over rabbit number one and nestling in between rabbit one and rabbit twenty-eight. Leap years happen every four years and occur in order to keep the Gregorian Calendar in alignment with the Earth’s rotations around the Sun.

St. David’s Day 2016

Google Doodle - St. David’s Day 2016

This beautiful Google doodle celebrates St. David’s Day with a nice floral design. Many people celebrate the patron saint of Wales by pinning daffodils or leeks to their clothes. St. David’s Day falls on the first day of March.

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