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Although I spend thoughtful hours selecting the perfect font for each project, I sometimes wonder if it is time well spent. Do clients appreciate this extra care? Does anyone notice? Does it matter? I am here to shout from the rooftops – YES, FONTS MATTER!

A recent client, “Kathy,” serves as a case study and the inspiration for my writing about this topic. Kathy hired us to do a website and then provide accompany marketing materials, graphics and social media posts, to be used for one of the events featured on the website. We needed two fonts for the lower third of a graphic: one for a headline and another for some accompanying text. I picked two fonts I thought looked good and captured the spirit of how I understood the event based on our conversations, but she did not like them. I must admit, this was a first for me; either I rushed the process, I had a picky client, or we were not in sync.

So, I went through font after font after font with Kathy. There are thousands of fonts to consider and we looked at Word fonts, Google fonts, fonts for purchase, custom fonts, etc. When we paired Voga and Playfair Display, we both knew it was perfect. There was a literal “THAT’S IT” moment in the form of a scream from both of us.

This led to our next problem. Playfair Display is a Google font, readily available for a free download. Voga, while available with our graphics program, was not so readily available for other uses. In this case, I picked the next-best matching font for these other uses. There was a subtle difference, as there is with many similar fonts, such as Arial and Tahoma, for example. In the end, Kathy noticed and I had to purchase the font for use on her project. This story had a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always turn out that way.

Fonts are particularly valuable in affecting moods from horror (look at Creepster) to joy (look at Happy Dance). They can also help you visualize time periods, whether it’s the future (look at Orbitron) or the Middle Ages (look at Old English). Fonts can make you dream of a location, such as Ireland (look at Irish Uncialfabetiator) or an enchanted forest (look at Enchanted Land) and can serve as a precursor to things to come. A script font on an envelope, for example, creates visions of an invitation. Fonts can identify an age group, such as how the 5 Years Old font suggests a child. Whether the project needs to be branded as high-tech, friendly, bold, exciting or quirky, there’s a perfect font out there to coordinate with it.

'Whether the project needs to be branded as high-tech, friendly, bold, exciting or quirky, there’s a perfect font out there to coordinate with it.' - Leisa Chester Weir, LGK Marketing CC Click To Tweet

The infographic that follows gives you a more visual representation of what font can do for feelings, time, and place. It also gives a definition of the different types of fonts (helpful in searches) and how the different types are generally used. There IS a time and place for Calibri, Arial and Times New Roman, but expand your font world and I’m sure you’ll become a believer in the power of the typography!

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Leisa is one of the owners of LGK Marketing Communications Collective, where she helps others maximize their marketing momentum. Her clients include small businesses, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporations. She hosts a podcast and live Twitter chat for small business owners to gain insight from marketing and business experts called The Marketing Mojo Show.

She is also an Emmy Award-winning producer and her previous employers include some of the biggest media corporations in the world: Viacom/CBS, Paramount Pictures and Fox Broadcasting.