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In August of 2011, Marc Andreessen boldly claimed that “Software is eating the world.” And he wasn’t wrong.

According to a report in September 2017 by, software contributed to more than 1.14 trillion dollars to the US GDP in 2016, as well as supported a total of 10.5 million jobs.

With all this growth, however, brings world-class competition. Companies need to learn how to create and implement powerful and effective marketing strategies if they expect to survive.

Embrace the Power of Video

One powerful way to stand out amongst a sea of strong competition is video.

According to a study by Aberdeen, brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

Another study by Buffer shows that video increases not only your click-through-rates, but your conversion rates as well.

Clearly video is a powerful medium, but what isn’t always clear are the best ways you can leverage it for marketing your software business. Here are five ways you can start using video to grow your software business right away.

Use short, compelling videos in your ads to drive click through rates.

As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that videos drastically increase click through rates. Using videos as a top-of-funnel asset can greatly increase the amount of people coming to your site, and checking out your software more closely.

These top-of-funnel videos can be funny, entertaining, or even educational – but make sure that they have a strong call-to-action to drive them to take the next step.

Don’t try to explain every aspect of your software here. You want to give them just a taste of what it is capable of, to leave them wanting to know more.

Put videos on your landing pages to increase engagement.

Once traffic is driven to your landing page, there is another opportunity to use video to really drive home to your audience the benefits of your software.

According to SingleGrain, 60% of site visitors will watch a video before reading text.  Also, viewers retain much more information through video rather than through text, according to WireBuzz.

The videos on your landing page can be longer, and provide a holistic view of what your software is capable of. Be sure to focus not on the features of the software, but rather the benefits to the users.

This is a great example of a video we worked on with Rackspace that helps explain one of their service offerings.

Use customer testimonials to build social proof.

Your prospects now how have a good idea of what your software does, and if you’ve targeted them correctly, there is a pretty good chance they are interested in what you have to offer.

The next question on their mind is, “Does it actually work?”

Enter the customer testimonial, an incredibly powerful form of social proof. Here at The Customer Story, we have produced hundreds of these videos and can attest to how powerful of a sales tool they can be.

Sure, text based testimonials are helpful, but when you have a client on video, explaining how your software has saved their business money, increased operational efficiency, and grown their bottom line – your prospect will be eager to see those kind of results themselves.

Try to get several of these videos if you can, focusing on relevant and well known brands in your industry. Also, be sure to get testimonials from companies that line up with the industries you are targeting. Companies will want to know if your software works for companies like theirs.

Use personalized videos to increase your sales team effectiveness.

Video can also be an incredibly powerful tool for your sales team to increase the effectiveness of their outreach.

With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and webcams, there is no reason not to utilize them to create a more personal approach to prospecting.

Have your sales team record personalized videos for their prospects, and include them in emails and LinkedIn messages. Authenticity is much more important here than quality.

The key for effective personalized outreach videos is to not focus on selling the software. Instead, prioritize relationship building with the prospect, and providing phenomenal value.

Create demos and how-to videos to create a fantastic experience for your customers.

This last idea is often overlooked by companies. Once you’ve landed the client, the tendency is to ignore them and start looking for the next one. This is a huge mistake, as often it is much cheaper to grow an existing client than to get a new one.

Video can be essential to increasing engagement for existing customers, especially for software companies.

How to videos, demo walkthroughs, FAQs, etc. are all good options here. Perhaps gather data from your support team on the most common hangups and issues customers have, and create a video walkthrough of the process.

Not only will this engage your customers and allow them to self-serve the content they need most, but it will also save you time and money by freeing up your support team to focus on the more difficult and rare issues.

Above is another video we created for Rackspace, this time one used to increase customer engagement.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Just a few ideas on how you can use videos to grow your software company in 2019. With all the competition your business faces, video can differentiate your business and connect with your customers and prospects in ways that no other medium can.

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Jacob Forbis

Jacob Forbis is a video marketer, producer, and owner at The Customer Story, a video marketing company based out of San Antonio. After over six years in video marketing at a billion dollar technology company, Jacob left to start his own company, and focuses on helping businesses grow through the power of video marketing. When he is not working on his business, he loves spending time with his wife and black lab.