Any blogger or writer can commisurate. A page full of partially written sentences, as you start (and stop) your next piece. It’s no fun. For a small business owner, tackling the world of content development can seem overwhelming. We know we should take a break—exercise, pay the bills, get the groceries—but it’s just not that fun. So what a content creator to do?

Think out of the box and your comfort zone. Put a little zing in your day and writing repertoire with five fun and reflective activities (sign-up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter to get more great content marketing tips).

    1. Retail therapy. I don’t mean the mall. Check out any site that’s not related to your business. Look at artists and products on Fab, Indiemade, or Etsy. Do some window shopping taking time to peruse the blogs along the way. These are small business owners in a competitive marketplace. Some of the folks have great things to say with an original spin. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and it shows in what they write about.
    2. Google your random interests. Boxing, model building, kite flying. What comes up in search results? Read the title and meta description. What do those companies have to say that you find really appealing and could apply to your own business? Jot down title ideas and look how they spin present a compelling call to action that makes you click through to their site. You just may find a new hobby along the way.
    3. Shoot a video of yourself. Video is content, too. Talk casually about how you started the business, it doesn’t have to be perfect or beautifully crafted. Start with a 2-minute script outline and follow that. Most of us don’t like to see ourselves in action but a video puts a face on your business that text never can. Multi-media on your sites also helps with search results (see also How to Use Video SEO to Increase Sales).
    4. Paint a room. Seriously. I know this doesn’t help in a time crunch but the repetitive process of painting, without having to think about what you’re doing, can help organize your thoughts. The same holds true for any ‘no-brainer’ task so if you can’t manage the paint brush, try raking or washing windows (not fun) which have the same effect. At the end of the day, you’ll have clearer thoughts and a great end-product to show for it.
    5. Grab a sheet of paper. Write down everything you want to accomplish online with your business this year. 100 Facebook likes, new web imagery, a slick contact form. List the pros (forget about cons) of completing those tasks with specific tactics to get  there. Pick a single item (i.e. send an email to friends about Facebook) and then write about how you’re going to send the email. It doesn’t have to be super-sexy, but it’s a start in telling your customer’s what you offer. Check out our 2013 social media resolutions if you need a nudge.

Bonus trick for those that are still stuck:

  1. Read funny quotes. You’ve seen them…clever and witty quips that are perfect for an article or presentation. The web has a ton of sites that are devoted to nothing but quotes. Find one that YOU enjoy and use it as a springboard to a great article around your product or service.

Remember, no one writes brilliantly all of the time. Content marketing is not an easy path but it’s a sure-fire win when you provide  unique information on your area of expertise. Go against the flow by doing something fun today!