Email has completely changed the way we communicate. Do you remember when you first tried it out? Flashback to the early 2000s, it seemed novel and fresh; hip and cutting-edge.

Email communication has vastly improved or swamped our lives, depending on your viewpoint (sign-up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter to learn more about using email to your advantage).

Ah, the beauty of email…

  • It can find you anywhere.
  • It can come from outer space.
  • It can be completely ignored (and later forgiven).
  • It can travel around the globe in a split second.
  • It allows us to reach out to people we don’t know and then become friends. (Hmm, maybe that’s called spam.)
    1. Our words are part of history.

      Who knew what you had to say was so important? Your message can live on a server or in another person’s inbox forever. Digital data is stored and can be referenced later. And, while it’s good to be able to check old email as a refresher, be careful not to write something that can come back to bite you!

    2. Email saves trees.

      A no brainer here — email is a environmentally friendly. Going paperless for everything saves trees. Even in countries where reforestation exists, why use paper when digital is a completely sustainable resource?

      I searched high and low for a stat on the number of trees we save each year but the best (and smartest) calculation I came across was from the team at MailChimp. In 2010, they calculated 2,400 trees saved by email each day. With an annual growth rate of 10% that almost 3,000 trees/day in 2012. Awesome!

    3. We can over communicate.

      The Radicati Group has released their report on email statistics for 2012 – 2016. Email use continues to grow at an astounding rate for personal and professional applications. They report 2 billion email users worldwide and 144 billion emails/day sent by end of 2012. We email, a lot!

    4. Work from home, no dress code required.

      Who needs to be in the office when you can instantly communicate with colleagues from home. Share data, images, and everything else via email. Most would agree that working in PJs with a cup of coffee at 8:30 am make the world a better place!

    5. Target our customers like never before.

      Email segmentation is fantastic. In the world of brand ads or direct mail, small business marketing was a bit of a guessing game. Email allows you to give people exactly what they want, when they want to receive it.

We love email and believe it’s made our world a better (albeit busier) place. That’s progress!

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