We’ve been getting some great questions over the last 24 hours related to our rebranding and new platform. Thought I would include them here for both new and existing clients.


Why the change?

We created this new version of our application and rebranded the company for three reasons.

  • First, we wanted to make sure our technology stays current with changes in the industry. Social media, reputation management and blogging are becoming increasingly more important for how to get found online, and the rise of these strategies are needed to provide insights and direction to help our customers.
  • Second, our customers continue to be overwhelmed by all of the exciting industry updates and there really aren’t any cost effective solutions and enough companies helping the smallest businesses out there. We feel it is essential to provide more for less and try to help as many businesses as possible.
  • Third, we created a simpler but more robust platform. In combination with the prior two reasons, this created an opportunity to rebrand the business. We felt it was important to be able to help our clients with both Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me solutions that expanded beyond just SEO. We also wanted a brand that conveyed moving our clients  “up” and elevating their online presence. Therefore, UpCity was born!

Did DIYSEO get bought by UpCity?

No. This wasn’t a purchase. Creating a new platform provided us an opportunity to rebrand the business. We’re taking the same core focus of DIYSEO but expanding it help businesses get more free traffic and convert that traffic to revenue through education and insights.

What is Pathway and how is it related to UpCity?

Pathway is what we call our technology platform. Companies can leverage Pathway for a low-cost DIY or “do-it-yourself” option. Small businesses can work at a self-directed pace to understand how visible you are online and learn techniques for SEO (search engine optimization), social media, blogging, and local listings management. Business owners who choose this method get a first-hand education as they work, in a guided, step-by-step way, to complete tasks that will increase their online marketing impact. The more you use Pathway™, the more experienced you become as your own digital marketing professional. Alternatively, we offer a DIFM or “do-it-for-me” option. If you’re too busy running your company to master the Pathway™ platform yourself, we offer several low-cost plans that let you focus on your business, while our experts put Pathway™ to work on your behalf.



As a DIYSEO customer, do I get access to the new UpCity platform automatically?

Unfortunately, all DIYSEO customers have to request to be migrated to the new platform at UpCity. We’re using a new and improved billing system and need to get new credit cards on file. It takes less than three minutes to enter in the billing information and request the migration. Go to http://www.diyseo.com/account/migrate if you haven’t already to request your migration. We’ll then follow up within 5 business days and all of rank history, task history, etc. will be on the new UpCity platform.

How does it work if I signed up for an DIYSEO Annual Subscription?

If you have an annual subscription at DIYSEO, you will have the opportunity to convert that to our new promotional annual rate of $99 on UpCity. You will be able to apply the annual amount that you paid and take into account the number of months you’ve been on the subscription. For most customers, this will produce a credit on your account. You can then redeem that credit for some of our Do-It-For-Me services where we optimize your site on your behalf, or you can opt for a refund. Example: a client buys a $399 annual plan on October 5, 2012. As of January 10, 2013 that client requests to be migrated to UpCity. The client has used approximately two months of that annual plan or $66.50 ($399/12 x 2 months of use). When deducting these months the unused portion of the DIYSEO annual plan is $332.50. Upon upgrading to UpCity, you’ll get 12 months on the improved platform for $99 leaving a balance of $233.50 which can be used for services or be refunded. A summary is below:

$399.00    annual plan

$66.50     2 months of plan used at $33.25

$332.50    unused portion of annual plan

$99.00    annual rate available until Jan. 31

$233.50      final credit available for services or refund

How does it work if I signed up for a Monthly Subscription?

If you are a monthly DIYSEO subscriber and request to be migrated to UpCity, you will get the next 30 days for free on the new platform and will be charged $9.99 going forward if you want to remain a monthly subscriber. You can opt to lock in a full year of the platform for only $99 (that’s only $50 more than our previous DIYSEO monthly rate). You now get twice the product for 20% of the cost! We’re not sure if this pricing will be available after January 31, your so best bet would be to secure it now. Go to http://www.diyseo.com/account/migrate if you haven’t already to request your migration.

How does this work if I am a Jumpstart or Do-It-For-Me client?

If you are one of our Jumpstart or DIFM “Do-It-For-Me” clients, we will continue to provide the same great service via UpCity. We would love to migrate you to the new platform becaise we can now track all tasks that we do on the new system. Please go to http://www.diyseo.com/account/migrate if you haven’t already to request your migration. Feel free to email us at doitforme@upcity.com if you have any questions.

I can’t login, what’s the problem? 

DIYSEO customers won’t be able to login to UpCity.com until their account has been migrated and we send out your user name and password.  Please send in your request to be migrated by logging into your DIYSEO account and filling in the information here.  DIYSEO customers can continue to access and use their DIYSEO accounts by going to www.diyseo.com/login. After your account is migrated to UpCity, you will no longer be able to login into DIYSEO.

Can I sign up for UpCity with a different credit card?

Yes. Feel free to use any credit card you would like.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at info@upcity.com!