Regardless if you’re working on a full-length report, putting together a presentation, or writing a blog post, using data with your content marketing strategies is incredibly important. This is due to the fact that using such data enhances the arguments presented in your content by making the writing much more compelling. In addition to giving your readers context, the data provided helps provide support for the claims you present. So if you don’t happen to be a data scientist yourself, it’s fairly difficult to find the data you need for your claim and how to properly present the said data once you find it. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you find the data you need to enhance the claims you’re providing in your content marketing strategies. These tools will not only offer stunning visualizations, but they’ll also offer the credible data you’ll need for your content marketing strategy.

Whenever you’re looking for important data, you’ll need to find the resources that are reliable and credible. The resources below will gladly point you in the right direction, but it’s important that you don’t forget to fact-check the information you plan on utilizing. In addition to this, it’s also important that you ask yourself if the information is comprehensive, current, reliable, and original before you utilize it.

  • Statista (Free Version Available, Premium Version Available $49/mo) – Statista is known as the portal of forecasts, studies, and statistics that are focused on opinion and research polling. Their statistics are intended for academics and businesses, with Statista making it easy to find the information needed whether it be based on a specific country, topic, industry.
  • Google Trends (Free) – If you’re looking for data focused on current events, online trends, or popular topics, Google Trends is about to be your new best friend. Whether you plan on searching for how interest varies by country/region/area or how interest has changed over time on a given subject, Google Trends is the place to visit if you’re looking for broad information on a certain topic.
  • Zanran (Free) – Although Google Trends can be perfect when searching for broad information, Zanran is the best place to visit when it comes to finding specific data or charts. Being specifically designed to find graphs, charts, and tables online, Zanran is the site to visit if you’re looking for raw data on a certain subject.
  • Pew Research Center (Free) – Pew Research Center is known as one of the main think tanks in the Unite States. Offering data regarding demographics, social issues, and opinions, it’s a great site for grabbing current data on topics.
  • SocialMention (Free) – SocialMention is much like Google Trends, but is an excellent resource for monitoring your brand.