Everyone loves a deal! Especially after the last-minute shopping frenzy totally blew the budget. But your small business still needs to pay the bills and get customers to your store. A drop in revenue isn’t an option. So what’s next?

The local coupon booklet isn’t bringing them in anymore and cold weather has seriously hampered foot traffic. Good news—with today’s mobile technology, a daily deal might be the answer (subscribe to the free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter for tips on increasing business with mobile).

Daily Deals Delivered

The email world has been saturated with daily deal sites for awhile, leaders like GroupOn and LivingSocial dominate the space. But mobile deals are still relatively new and other small business deal services have popped up along the way. Do a little research, there’s bound to be one that specializes in your area. The Coupon Cabin Infographic on mobile coupon redemption shares that 40% of smartphone users redeem coupons on their mobile. That’s a lot of shoppers.

So customers want a deal and business owners want new customers. Seems to be an easy win for both sides. Avoid these five common mistakes to beat out the competition and drive sales with your own daily deal.

  1. Not trying it.

    Mobile marketing feels a little scary and unfamiliar. It’s easier to stick with marketing tactics that have worked in the past even if they seem a little tired. Sound familiar? Just try it and see what you think. Pick a smaller daily deal site and only offer a limited number of coupons to be redeemed. Even if it’s not a big success or generate the revenue that you had hoped, at least you tried and haven’t lost anything.

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  2. Not having a Google+ Business Page

    Can’t say it enough… Every small business with a local address MUST have a Google+ Business PageMake it easy for customers find you in a variety of ways. Maybe they want to learn more about you or check other reviews. Offering the deal is just one part of the equation, convincing them you’re worth the risk is another.

  3. Not planning appropriately.

    Never offer more than you can afford to give away. While it’s painful to be overly optimistic and then disappointed, there is nothing worse for your online reputation than a deal that doesn’t deliver. What if your offer goes viral in the ‘hood and 100 people walk in for the product you only have 50 of in stock. Bad!

  4. Not creating the right offer.

    Daily deal provider make their profit by taking part of the proceeds from each completed deal. Often the split is 50/50. That means if you’ve reduced your interior car detailing service to $40, you’ll make $20 and the deal site will get $20. Not bad if the price point and your margins work but be aware of the associated costs and potential risks of a lot of work with little reward hen it’s all done. Do your homework and select the right offer (and deal provider) for you.

  5. Not asking customers back.

    Your deal was a success. Customers came in and took advantage of the offer. But how do you keep them coming back? Don’t overlook a coupon or type of reward for a repeat business. Ask them to sign up for a loyalty program of your own that doesn’t rely on a third party deal site.

So now you’re armed and ready for a daily deal test. Start small and go from there. Mobile marketing is growing, get there before the competitor down the street does.