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Facebook Insights is a very powerful tool for business owners who want to track visitors and interactions on their Facebook Business Page. All business owners and marketers should access Insights to help them understand their Facebook Page performance, so they are able to make any needed adjustments to their Facebook strategy.

The analytics on Facebook Insights are updated regularly to mirror any patterns or developments on your page. You will be able to decide the best day of the week to post, as well as what segment of your audience engages the most  and what type of content performs the best . It’s  important to keep checking Insights daily, so you  know exactly what is trending on your Facebook Page and how you can leverage those insights to create even better content and posts.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, having these insights can really help you develop and refine your Facebook campaigns, audience targeting and ad creation. At the end, all of the information you collect from your  Facebook Insights Page can be used to create the perfect Facebook Ad.

How Do I Know Which Posts Are Popular

You can determine which post are the popular by analyzing the organic reach. Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.

It is important not to confuse the organic reach with the total reach. The total reach is a combination of organic and paid traffic from posts. If someone sees more than one post on your page, they will be counted for each post they see, but will only be counted once in the total reach

Facebook has a feature where you can review the analytics of your most recent posts. This is where you can determine which content is receiving the most traffic. Also take into consideration the following when reviewing organic post reach numbers:

  • Reach By Country
  • Reach By City
  • Reach By Demographics
  • Reach By Page Fan

 Determining Target Audience

Target audience is a particular group(s) of people an advertising campaign is aimed to reach. There are three sets of demographics on Facebook Insights: overview of your fans, the fans you’ve reached, and engaged fans. Facebook Insights allows you to see the location of the people who engage with your content, their age groups and if they’re male or female.

Analyzing this information allows you to correctly build personas of the people who “Like” your page. Use this information to build Facebook Ads, landing pages and content for your website.

The Best Time Of Day To Post

Under the Posts tab in Facebook Insights, you can see the average number of fans who saw any of your post by day of the week and by the hour. You should try to schedule your Facebook content to post when the majority of your fans are online. This is an important factor if you are trying to increase engagement.

Facebook Best Time

You can also use this information to determine the best time to post for your fans who are online when there is not much posting going on by others. Applying this strategy allows you to engage with people you normally wouldn’t reach during the time you usually post.

How To Set Your Budget

First, you must state what your overall goal is for your ad. Some goals may be:

Drive Traffic: Are you looking to drive potential customers to your website? Do you have a product or a service that is only featured on your website? Drive traffic ads are optimized to get more customers directly to your site with special offers, product sales or exclusive content.

Brand Awareness: Are you looking to increase the branding of your business? This helps with new businesses and established businesses that are new to Facebook.

Events & Specials: Do you have an event or a promotion coming up? Facebook Ads allows to easily promote a sale in little time.

Product Placement: Do you have something new you want to announce? Or do you want to remind your audience about something they already saw. You can place your product in front of a relevant audience using Facebook’s advanced targeting options.

You can determine if you are looking for other objectives such as Post Engagement, Page Likes or Lead Form Submissions. Then select your audience size and how long you want your campaign to run.

It doesn’t  matter if you have a large or a small budget, you can run effective Facebook Ad campaigns that fit your market and objective in most cases.

The Takeaway

All in all, Facebook Insights is a great tool that gives you access to useful information about the interactions that occur on your Facebook page. It’s  important to analyze and interpret the data to create successful marketing campaigns overall. So moving forward, be sure to dive into your Facebook Insights, read, analyze, adjust and launch your Facebook Ad campaign!

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