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When you own a website, it’s essential to keep it consistently optimized and ranked in search engines. Owning a Bing Webmaster Tools account will help businesses better understand their website’s performance, from crawlability to links status to overall search engine presence. The Bing toolbox hopes to ultimately drive an increase of free Bing and Yahoo traffic to your site.

Bing has been active these past few months in an attempt to gain some of that Google traffic, and it definitely seems to be working. Most recently, Bing launched the Sitemap Plugin 1.0 and open-source XML Sitemap Plugin 1.0. In addition, Bing announced the new Bing Places for Business and updated the Webmaster Tools application.

Since Bing Webmaster Tools recently re-launched in late May, it’s vital that business owners are informed and take advantage of all that Bing and Yahoo Search has to offer! The updated Bing Webmaster is designed to be an easier experience for all users to follow, whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced “behind the scenes” of your website. To simply it further, the tool is centered on three components for webmasters to explore: crawl, index, and traffic.

We know where Bing’s focus is, and it will continue to add more features and functionalities to the tool. Therefore, we recommend that businesses create an account now, begin exploring its free offerings, and start to strengthen their site’s presence on search results. Listed below, we provide a quick overview and give some best practices for business owners to sign up for a free Bing Webmaster account.


  • To begin, sign into your Bing account.
  • Verify your website here by adding your site.

  • To confirm your ownership of the website, you will be presented with three methods to choose from:
    • To upload an XML file on the web server.
    • To copy and then paste a <meta> tag authentication to the site’s default page.
    • To upload a CNAME record to the the site’s DNS management tool. Access to the domain hosting account is necessary for this option.
    • Note: All three ownership verifications can prove complex if you are not comfortable working with the html on your website. Therefore, you may want to ask for some help from your web designer or CMS provider to complete this process.

  • Click the Verify button after one of these three methods is successfully completed.

  • You are able to re-do the verification at any time if the process does not follow through or you want to hold off for some reason.

  • After your website is verified, you will start to receive website data in the Bing Webmaster Dashboard within about 48 hours.

What’s Next?

  • When your website’s Bing Webmaster account is confirmed, check out the Reports and Data section as well as the Diagnostics & Tools section to create personalized  reports.
    • View all the website data in any selected time period, including clicks, geo-targeting, pages crawled and indexed, and error reporting.
    • You will also begin to receive SEO progress reporting to help increase traffic and ultimately improve your web conversions.
  • Now that you have a verified Bing Webmaster account, you will be able to:
    • Make sure your site can be crawled and is already listed in Bing.
    • Add your sitemap. We will provide step-by-step guidelines to completing a sitemap in a few weeks.
  • Submit your site to Bing Places for Business to earn an active local presence.
  • Read how to optimize for Bing (and 2.7 billion+ searches).

Lots of Support

As a new student of Bing Webmaster Tools, your account will provide a variety of coverage and resources for any questions about website optimization.

Has your business utilized the Bing Webmaster Tools yet? Find any successes or misses in your experiences so far? We encourage you to jot down your feedback and notes at the bottom of this post.

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence Expand Your Presence II > Website 201: Website Optimization.

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