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Google Webmasters is a free web service for webmasters that helps optimize sites. This robust tool provides essential data, information and tools for indexation and optimization. Webmasters will help sites gain better visibility in search engines.

Google Webmasters offers several tools to help with your SEO and search engine efforts, such as authorship, crawling and indexing, looking for errors, sitemap checker, robots.txt generator, and search query reporting.

The service is meant for both beginners and advanced users and will make your site more Google-friendly. Why wait any longer? Let’s begin learning how to install your Google Webmasters account in no more than five minutes! 

How to Complete

Step 1: Visit the Google Webmasters site to get started. Click on the “SIGN UP” button to begin creating your account.

Step 2: Enter the necessary information for all the required fields.

Step 3: Check on the boxes to agree to the Google terms and privacy policy. You may also check the box that authorizes Google to use your account information for its services. After, click on “Next step.”

Step 4: If you wish to add a profile photo, click on the “Add Profile Photo” button. Otherwise, click the “Next Step” button. Congratulations, you have successfully created a Google Webmaster tool account!

Next Steps

Click on the button that says “Back to Google Webmaster Tools” to go to the Dashboard.

Then, it is important to start using the various tools available at your disposal. For example, upload an XML sitemap to your website or ensure your site is listed on Google. Visit the Webmasters Help Center for more information.

UpCity members, follow this pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence II > Website 201: Website Optimization.