content marketing trends in 2016Internet marketing and social media evolves and changes on a regular basis, and the only way businesses can keep up is to stay informed. What’s working today? Let’s take a look at some content marketing trends in 2016 that are getting results.

Content is still king.

Good content is basically content that readers want to read and share with their friends. It can be informative, entertaining, enlightening or educational, but it’s always done well. The problem is, as more and more content is being created, and the quality is better and better, it raises the bar and expectations of the consumer and requires businesses to maintain a high level of productivity and excellence. However, it’s well worth putting in the effort, as good content forms the foundation for your marketing success. Go beyond the words. Make sure your content is optimized for search, with the use of keywords, headers, tags and short paragraphs. Include meaningful images since they play a big role in attracting attention and encouraging shares.

Repurpose to extend your reach.

Savvy marketers realize that while producing good content is key, there is limited time to create quantities of content. The solution is to repurpose the material that’s already been produced by using a variety of forms and channels to reach different markets. The original content can be made into podcasts, short videos, white papers, e-books, and slide decks. These are then distributed through social media, websites, and email campaigns, allowing the message to be delivered through various channels and reach new people.

Promoting content is essential.

The biggest revelation in 2016 has been the importance of promotion. You can have the best content in the world, but unless it’s being read, it’s not going to accomplish your goals. That’s why promoting your content has become as important as the content itself.

Promoting is getting your message out there in a user-friendly way. Instead of having your content sit on your website, waiting for consumers to visit and read, sent it out into the world and get it in front of your audience.

Accomplishing this has become more of a challenge. Organic reach through social media has been declining as companies try to push users into paid advertising. It’s time to think creatively.

Facebook’s innovations include launching Instagram Stories, as well as Facebook Live. Twitter uses Vine to incorporate and share videos. The use of images and videos has been very successful with users and businesses are putting videos and images on their websites as well as social media.

Video increases conversion rates and mobile users enjoy sharing favorite videos with their friends. Short videos are best, and it’s smart to keep the play time under two minutes.

Podcasts, once thought to be fading, are enjoying a resurgence. With the increased ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts, they can be a very effective way to promote content.

Email continues to be a preferred way consumers want to hear from you and is a great way to promote content.

Think of content in fresh ways.

Do you have fans of your products or services? Why not let your users help create content?

That’s what some out-of-the-box thinkers have been doing by encouraging guest blogging, holding contests, and developing user forums. People who love your products or services want to talk about them and tell others about them. Let that enthusiasm work for you by giving them opportunities to share their opinions.

This can have unexpected benefits. Some businesses have found ideas for new products through their customer’s suggestions and discovered applications for existing products they hadn’t thought of by listening to the discussions.

Engaging customers reinforces the relationship and promotes loyalty, which in turn brings new customers and grows your business.

What works in 2016 is similar to what has been working, with an increased emphasis on promoting content as well as producing quality content, using the channels and forms that best fit your business and message.

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