We’re happy to share a great blog post from one of our agency clients, 435 Digital! This review provides a great background on how 435 Digital is leveraging our platform and the impact on their business. Here’s a snippet from the review:

“It’s no secret that 435 Digital loves UpCity for completing everyday SEO tasks. Typically, when somebody on our team references “claiming local listings” I pretend to be very busy and unavailable, but UpCity actually makes this kind of work a little less mundane. It also stores it all in one place — as an SEO, this is awesome. I’ll go through the ins and outs of UpCity in this review and highlight some of our favorite aspects of the software.”

Read the rest of the review here. Thanks guys!

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Andrew has serviced SEO clients across a variety of industries including large-scale e-commerce, retail, home services, and more. As Growth Marketing Manager for UpCity, he works every day to improve our Marketplace experience for agencies and business owners alike.