Website design is rarely a linear process.

While we’d all love to take our ideas for a site, put them into action, and get the results we want, things usually aren’t that simple.

Creating a great website almost always involves revising ideas, going back to correct mistakes, and making changes. One of the most challenging parts of this entire process is keeping all team members informed and in the loop.

Most people who enlist the help of a web design company do so because they want to make things flow more smoothly. Using a tool like the InVision app can make it easier to work with clients in a clear, quick, and productive manner. By encouraging collaboration and communication while the site is being designed, this tool can be very helpful.

How Feedback Can Help Improve a Design

There are many characteristics of good website design, but there is no set formula to create the perfect result. How a website design is perceived depends largely on what it is used for, and what those involved with the project think about it. When we think of feedback, we usually picture input after a project has been finished.

InVision changes this by providing us with the option to comment as a design is being created. By giving us the ability to leave feedback about a website design option, this app helps promote better results. Feedback about the positives and negatives of a site design can can help keep a project going in the right direction.

Keeping Appropriate Parties Informed at All Times

Since communication is so vital to getting a good website design, InVision helps make communication quick and seamless. Whether it’s a project manager, a designer, or a developer, we can make sure the right people get the right information to further any website design project.

Make Static Images Responsive with Sticky Menus

Presentation is everything when it comes to websites, and in some cases less is more. Sometimes going with both an image and a menu can increase load times and make a site look a bit cluttered — and this can mean users may be tempted to click away. By combining images and menus, designers can improve the appearance and functionality of the site.

Using sticky menus allows links to be placed over images, making it easy for users to navigate a site while also presenting them with a better aesthetic design. This can be very valuable for increasing retention, especially for users viewing a site on their mobile device. Coordinating this type of design choice make require us to make several changes, including:

  • Changing image resolutions
  • Restructuring menu designs
  • Rethinking link choices

Since each of these aspects of a website may each be handled by a separate person at a web design company, InVision’s collaboration-inducing design comes in handy. This is just one of the instances where the improved communication offered by this solution can prove valuable.

Making Your Website Look More Dynamic

Many changes of this type are made for the purpose of creating a better visual arrangement. Big changes of this kind can be hard to manage without proper communication. For example, trying to implement a sticky image with a menu developer could be hard if the image designer isn’t notified of the changes. Saving time is something we can all appreciate when it comes to website design, and InVision can make things much easier.

Get Design Updates in Real Time

When a change is made to one aspect of a website, chances are that other parts of the site may be affected as well. This means that staying up-to-date about the direction of the project is key for avoiding problems and miscommunications. InVision helps make this easy by providing design updates in real time.

Sometimes a web design company or team may decide to schedule meetings or video calls to brief others about updates to a site. However, this can sometimes slow the process down and hinder the project as a whole. By getting updates about changes as they are made, we can easily respond to said changes effectively.

Making Web Design Easier Than Ever Before

Finding a web design company is easy, but the same can’t always be said about organizing a project. InVision makes it easier to work with clients and keep all team members on the same page while designing a site.