As we’ve previously mentioned in our last list, we love research here at UpCity. It gives us not only the current trends and knowledge of the landscape, but it also allows us to come up with new ideas and test them out. We see a lot of companies spend all their time and energy crafting white papers, but many marketers don’t have the time to read them as they get published. For this reason, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best 200 free white papers on digital marketing.

With access to all of these resources in one spot, you’re free to favorite this link and check up on what you want to learn next. Everything from SEO to web design is right here for you to learn. We just encourage you to take your pick and start reading!

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    1. 7 Steps to a Better Search Campaign

      Whether you’re trying to boost your organic traffic or PPC copy, these seven tips to a better search campaign gets you where you want to be. Enjoy the read!

    2. Pimp My Snippet

      Why is structured data easier for search engines to decipher? Get the answer and more in this study.

    3. Search Engine Optimization

      If you know the basics of SEO, you have nothing to worry about. This PDF by Anvil covers the foundations of search practices for your benefit.

    4. SEO from Black Bear Design

      This is another solid white paper on what you need to know to get familiar with SEO. It’s a great read for beginners!

    5. 6 Do’s and Don’ts of SEO in 2014

      After having learned to thrive within the Google search engines for some time, the experts have come up with smart strategies to rank well. Here are six do’s and don’ts you should keep top of mind in your quest to rank highly.

    6. How To Rethink SEO With WSI’s AdaptiveSEO™

      Even though search is changing every day, you still have the tools to succeed within the system. WSI offers tips to come up with a promising strategy for your site.

    7. SEO for Internet Merchants in Practice

      Do you want to gain more visibility with your ecommerce store? Here’s some helpful SEO advice from the group at Prestashop.

    8. How To Perform A Technical SEO Audit (2nd Edition)

      Your website’s content may be optimized for SEO, but is the structure of your site on the same level? Learn the technical issues that can hinder your site’s SEO.

    9. SEO 101: The Basics and Beyond

      Pickup the basics on SEO 101! Internalize the basics and beyond with this piece from Act-on.

    10. Diversify Your SEO Portfolio – 14 Must-Have Assets

      Your comprehensive SEO strategy is here! ZOGDigital presents the 14 most important assets to your SEO.

    11. The Past, Present & Future of SEO White Paper

      If you’re looking for a history lesson into SEO, you’ve come to the right place! The past, present, and future of SEO is right at your fingerips in this intelligent read.

    12. Insights to Action: The Travel Industry Meets Semantic Search

      Remember Google Hummingbird? Bronwyn White writes on why the travel industry needs semantic search.

    13. BrainFood: Innovations from the Convergence of Business, Marketing and Creative Strategies

      Get insider knowledge on search engine marketing! Fabcom posts a detailed writeup on advertising agencies’ approach to integrated marketing.

    14. Why SEO is Not All About Page One Rankings

      SEO is not all about getting ranked on the first page. Read why in this piece from VerticalLeap.

    15. Aligning Customer Experience & SEO

      Discover how to align customer experience and SEO in this brief white paper.

    16. Facebook Graph Search POV

      Dig right in to Facebook’s Graph Search! See how it can add value to your research strategy in this PDF.

    17. The Marketer’s Guide to SEO

      Become an SEO master in no time flat! Powered By Search presents the marketer’s complete guide to SEO.

    18. Search Marketing in 2014 & Beyond: Why it Matters and Where It’s Going

      Call us crazy, but we don’t think search marketing is going anywhere anytime soon. IProspect gives us perspective on the state of search and beyond.

    1. Mastering Local Search (2nd Edition)

      Receive insight on local search listings, geo tags, directories, and more when you download this top ebook from the people at Koozai! Download it right here.

    2. Top 5 Digital Marketing Services for Local Businessess

      Rediscover the top five digital marketing services your local business can use today! GO Digital makes the case for each five in a white paper.

    3. Log My Calls Call Tracking White Papers

      Want more local SEO information? Check out LogMyCalls suite of white papers on call tracking to take your local influence to the next level.

    4. Going Local: A Marketing How-To Guide for National Brands

      Balihoo puts out one of the most comprehensive guides on local marketing on the web! Learn how to execute mobile strategies, optimize your local exposure, and helpful diagrams detailing your gameplan.

    5. Who Owns Local Marketing? Examining the Franchisor/Franchisee Gap

      Franchisees have big shoes to fill — a lot of them don’t get enough support, and differentiating between them can be difficult as a local customer. Read this ebook by LocalVox to learn to improve your rankings and learn the landscape of digital marketing.

    6. 2014 Digital Marketing Study

      How can brands receive better returns on their local and national campaigns? The experts at Balihoo post an illustrative report on the digital marketing landscape for this year.

    7. Translating National Strategies Into Local Execution

      As a larger national brand, help your local affiliates to market themselves effectively. Balihoo recommends the perfect local automation system in these papers.

    8. Local Store Marketing: Creating a Seamless Brand Across Markets

      The key to local store marketing is to make note of the mutiple channels consumers are coming from and understand their motivations through research. DataSource reveals its teachings in a strong guide!

    9. Phone Calls Are the New Click: The True SMB Marketing Opportunity

      Smartphones have expanded the local market exponentially. With local marketing on the rise, businesses are in a prime position to take advantage. BIA/Kelsey describes in this report how phone calls are the new clicks.

    10. Local SEO Best Practices

      Ready to learn the ins and outs of local search? Sean Smith shows us some local SEO best practices in a smart ebook.

    11. Connect the Dots — Google Click-to-Call: Improving Your Advertising Results

      Calls are only becoming more prevalent as mobile phone usage skyrockets. Marchex gives you metrics on the local market and tips for improving your advertising results.

    1. How Do Marketers at Mid-Size Companies Engage on Twitter Today?

      Are you doing your social media marketing right? Leadtail puts together a report on how mid-sized companies are engaging on the Twitter platform.

    2. Secure Your Social Organization with HootSuite Enterprise

      Evaluate an organization-wide social management platform with the criteria HootSuite outlines here. This is definitely worth it for enterprises!

    3. Becoming a Social Business

      Take a business into the social realm. View the complete approach into transforming your business into a social one with the tips from T2 Marketing International.

    4. Simply Measured Ebook Collection

      We’ve included this massive library of white papers from Simply Measured because it’s that good. Enjoy perusing the knowledge collected here to learn all things social media and marketing!

    5. 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

      How is social media marketing doing lately? Jump right into Social Media Examiner’s massive report on the industry for 2014.

    6. The 2014 CMO’s Guide to Pinterest

      Do you want to learn how to use Pinterest with the best of them? ICrossing publishes the 2014 CMO’s guide to using the platform.

    7. Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach

      We haven’t forgotten about Facebook’s decline in organic reach. Social Ogilvy has the full report on what’s next for the social network.

    8. Social Media in 2014

      Get the latest insights on social media for 2014! Check out this white paper by Liam Foy.

    9. Science of Sharing 2014

      Check out Unruly Media’s collection of terrific white papers on social media!

    10. The Definitive Facebook Advertising Playbook

      Facebook may not have the best organic reach, but its paid search is still going strong! Here’s the definitive guide to Facebook advertising.

    11. Social Media in Financial Markets: The Coming of Age…

      Ever wondered how social media operates in the financial industry? View the financial discussions occurring throughout social media in this document.

    12. Social Media: Where Advisors Succeed, and Struggle

      As we’ve seen time and time again, social media advisors don’t always succeed. Read this research paper by and see how you stay ahead of your social marketing.

    13. Measuring Social Media ROI in the Enterprise

      If you’re an enterprise company, it’s imperative to measure the impact of your social media. Check out your ROI with social in this white paper.

    14. Social Media Marketing – Making the Switch to Visual Content

      Visual content is on the rise! In this white paper, learn to use visual media and optimize your posts for greater impact.

    15. 3 Principles For Social Media Marketing

      Small businesses should not fear social media, but embrace it. Media includes three principles for social marketing.

    16. Smart, Social and Satisfying – The Future of Shopping in the Age of Social Commerce

      The age of shopping in social commerce is upon us. Be prepared for more informed buyers in this PDF.

    17. Six Factors for Choosing Digital Marketing Tools

      Which digital marketing tools are best for your business? Here are the top six to consider.

    18. Social Media Education: The New Edge For Success

      Consider getting ahead of your social competitors by educating your customers on social media. Download HootSuite’s informative white paper!

    19. Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on LinkedIn

      Do you want to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level? Come up with a strategy for the professional social network with this helpful ebook.

    20. How Social Media Drives Your Customers’ Purchasing Decisions

      How does social media translate into a sale for your business? VisionCritical gives you the answers in this download.

    1. Online Reputation: Manage Your Reputation by Analyzing the Web

      Learn to manage your online reputation by analyzing the web. Check out this white paper for the full rundown of ORM tips.

    2. Brand or Agency: Who Should Own Social

      Should brands manage their own reputation, or should it be outsourced? Read this guide from NetBase for more insight.

    3. How To Measure Customer Loyalty

      Measure the success of your reputation by outlining the right metrics. BigDoor posts a free ebook on tracking consumer loyalty.

    4. How to Build a Profitable Customer Loyalty Program

      Use email marketing to create a more profitable customer loyalty system. GetResponse has all the answers in this white paper.

    5. Defining Your Brand’s Reputation for the Internet Masses

      What is ORM, and how do you utilize it for the purposes of your business? Web Works Corp gives us a detailed explanation in this resource.

    6. 4 Steps to Building and Managing Your Practice’s Online Reputation

      Do you still find it hard to manage your reputation? Here are four simple steps to getting it just right.

    7. How Senior Leaders Can Build Trust in Their Organizations

      You must manage your reputation at all times. Find out how senior leaders play a role in their organizations with this white paper.

    8. Media Monitoring 2014 — The Ultimate Guide

      It pays to monitor your brand across the web. This 40-page guide details crises, free vs. paid tools, and more!

    9. Turning Online Prospects Into Repeat Customers and Loyal Advocates

      Transform your repeat customers into loyal advocates using the tips from this white paper. Use personal content and optimization to create an experience they never forget.

    10. Next-Best-Action Marketing: The Future of Connected Customer Conversation

      1to1media goes into the future of connected customer conversation. Go through the rest of the document to learn more about action-based marketing.

    11. Social CEM: Moving Beyond Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy

      Do you have customer advocates for your brand? Here’s an incredible white paper by the folks at InMoment for you to gain insights from.

    12. Seeking Authenticity: How Trustworthy Brands Drive Customer Loyalty

      Learn how trustworthy brands drive customer loyalty in this top notch white paper by BazaarVoice. Get all the latest hints and tips inside.

    13. Rewarding Interactions: Are You Ready For Customer Intimacy?

      Real customer loyalty is personal in nature. Learn how to make your reactions more rewarding from this report from Aimia.

    14. Digital Strategy and Tactics for Brand Reputation Management

      What are your customers saying about your brand online? Elixir Interactive shares advice on monitoring your brand effectively.

    15. The What, How, and Why of Social SEO

      Amp up your visibilty in the search engine rankings with the power of social! Read this paper on social SEO to learn more.

    16. Rehearsing and Managing a Crisis Over Social Media

      Know how to manage your crises before they happen! This paper by Polpeo puts your position in perspective.

    17. The When, Where, Who, and How of Communicating Online to Get More Mentions

      Communicate in a deep way to acquire more mentions. Learn the how, when, who, where, and why to Mention’s advice on reputation management.

    1. The Complete Guide to Content Marketing

      Here’s Koozai’s complete guide to content marketing! View the writing process at a high level, as well as quality content examples right here.

    2. The Content Marketing Revolution

      See the future of the content marketing revolution in this paper by Percolate. Learn why the digital landscape is shifting towards this style of marketing.

    3. The Future of Digital Video Content

      Authentic and engaging storytelling is on the rise! Get in the know regarding the future of digital video content with this white paper.

    4. How Brands Can Create Fabulous Content for Moms

      If your target demographic is moms, read this white paper on creating content for them. See the inside of this specific in this report.

    5. How to use Industry News for Content Marketing

      Brafton crafts a terrific resource on using industry news for content marketing. Highly recommended.

    6. Six Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

      Act-on informs us of six techniques to consider when putting together our content marketing strategy. Take a look!

    7. Fix the 5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making

      Is your content losing steam? WSI World puts together the five mistakes you might be making with your content.

    8. Enterprise Content Marketing – 2014 Budgets, Benchmarks, and Trends

      Get info on the latest content marketing trends in America from Content Marketing Institute! All the statistics and insights here greatly benefit your marketing strategy.

    9. Content Strategy for Digital Marketers

      Improve your content strategy in six weeks with this guide by the team at iAcquire! You’ll learn how to promote, create, and mesaure the effectiveness of your content.

    10. How to Beat Content Marketing Overload

      Beat content marketing overload with this guide from Vocus. Topics include storytelling across distinct mediums, increasing brand awareness, and more!

    11. The 5 W’s of Content Marketing

      Learn the five W’s behind content marketing! You’ll get some of the best looks at your marketing from every angle with the folks at Brass Media.

    12. How Destinations Can Boost Their Content Marketing in 2014

      For those in the travel space, this ebook gets into the specifics of destination and content marketing. Examine customer profiles and how they influence your content.

    13. Guide To Modern B2B Content Marketing White Paper

      B2B content marketing can be a struggle. To get a better handle on it, learn the proper implementation and strategy from this helpful pdf.

    1. Digital Markting Report: Q1 2014

      This Q1 2014 digital marketing report from Ignition One gives top statistics on the performance of mobile, search, and paid search. You don’t want to miss this white paper!

    2. WordStream’s PPC University

      Join the PPC University on WordStream. Read several white papers on everything there is to know about the paid advertising and search landscape.

    3. 53 CRO Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaigns

      Coming up with conversion test ideas doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are 53 CRO tips you can get started with today!

    4. 14 Tips to Successful Paid Search Advertising

      Be sure to manage your PPC campaign properly — if not handled correctly, you stand to lose a lot more than you gain. Blue Fountain Media presents 14 tips to make your campaigns more effective.

    5. 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways to Get More From Your PPC Campaigns

      Are you already knowledgeable on pay-per-click? Here are seven advanced strategies you can test out on your campaigns.

    6. The Smart Advisor’s Guide to PPC Advertising

      Set PPC goals that you can actually achieve! Maggie Crowley and Sara Ruthnum put together a superb guide on pay-per-click advertising.

    7. Evaluating ROI for PPC Ads

      Are you sure you’re making as much of a return on your campaigns as you should? Read IMatrix’s guide to evaluting your ROI.

    8. Pay-Per-Click: Adwords Optimization and Opportunities Handbook

      Learn everything you need to know about PPC marketing in this nifty handbook by the PepperGang. Enjoy this deep read into the subject!

    9. 3 Steps to Knocking Out Your Display Competitors

      Your competitors most likely know the landscape pretty well, but now you have a leg up on the competition! Read this guide to knocking out your display competitors.

    10. Advanced PLA Bidding Strategies: Moving from CPA to CPC

      What are the benefits for moving from a CPA to a CPC bidding strategy? Find out in this insightful white paper by Adlucent.

    11. Top 10 B2B Paid Search Mistakes

      Don’t make these top 10 paid search mistakes in your Google campaigns! Here are 10 that you should keep an eye out for.

    12. Beginner’s Guide to PPCs

      If you’re a beginner to PPC, this PDF is for you. Get a refresher on the two types of PPC campaigns.

    13. PPC: Get Leads Fast

      To get paid click leads fast, read this white paper by WSI World. Topics include conversion, search, PPC, and more!

    14. Marketer’s Guide to Call Tracking for Google SEO and PPC

      Phone leads matter. Here’s a guide to tracking calls through SEO and PPC!

    15. How Brands Can Attract Customers and Generate Leads Through Localized Paid Search Advertising

      Localize your paid search campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Get everything you need to know on local PPC in this brief white paper.

    1. Mobile Commerce in Retail: Loyalty and Couponing

      Learn how mobile couponing and program applications can significantly contribute to increased customer acquisition. GSMA puts together this informative white paper.

    2. 7 Predictions for the Mobile Event Industry in 2014

      Rapid change is coming to the mobile event industry. Quickmobile gathers 7 predictions in the space.

    3. The Pocket Guide to Mobile Relationship Management

      Mobile marketing can build strong ties in customer relations. Urban Airship introduces the pocket guide to mobile relationship marketing.

    4. The Pocket Guide to Good Push

      If you’re looking for a solid introduction into the mobile world of push marketing, Urban Airship has you covered. Read to learn what it takes to get your message heard.

    5. Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2013–2018

      Where is the data on global mobile usage? Cisco has it covered in this paper synthesizing the information for businesses to learn from.

    6. Mobile Payment in Greater China 2014

      If you’re planning to expand into the Chinese markets, try this paper from Smart Insights. It goes into great detail on where the mobile markets are heading.

    7. Building a Foundation for Mobile Payment

      It’s time for your business to enter the mobile era! Get a descriptive breakdown on incorporating mobile into your payment system with the folks at Datacard Group.

    8. Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study

      Check out this six-month investigation into the impact of mobile marketing on the economy. See the vast potential for growth in this PDF from the MMA.

    9. Mobile Evolution of Retail

      The mobile space continues to grow at a quickening pace. Get lessons on three of the top emerging trends your business can learn from.

    10. Unlocking Mobile Revenue and Audience: New Ideas and Best Practices

      There are still many opportunities to gain revenue from your market segments’ mobile devices. American Institute’s Jeff Sonderman releases a write up of the Thought Leader Summit for more reflections into the subject.

    11. Mobile Search Advertising Around The Globe

      Gain understanding on mobile search advertising across several different countries. This report by Marin Software covers important up-and-coming trends for mobile device usage.

    12. The Mobile Opportunity Gap

      How best can you take advantage of mobile shopper experiences? Yahoo releases an analysis on consumer shopping trends.

    13. Mobile Messaging Markets 2014: Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS and OTT – the State of Play

      Where are people messaging on their mobile devices? Kari Whitfield posts an assessment on the mobile messaging markets from earlier this year.

    14. The Case for Mobile Marketing and Call Tracking

      Get statistics on the rise of mobile influence and the impact call tracking can have on your mobile marketing. Mongoose Metrics has the full PDF.

    15. Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM

      A lot of business owners remain skeptical on the uses of mobile. Here are six objectives that you can achieve with mobile CRM in this white paper.

    1. 14 Insights: Why the ShopGate Mobile Commerce Solution Beats Responsive Web Design

      What’s the best way to offer a mobile experience to your customers? Shopgate answers that with 14 insights — take a look!

    2. Responsive Web Design 101: A Comprehensive Guide to the Facts, Stats, and How-tos

      If you’re learning about responsive web design for the first time, we highly recommend this document. Matt Kustka gives you all the information right here.

    3. The Magic Logix Guide to Responsive Website Design

      Grow your business with leads that result from intuitive responsive design. MagicLogix posts its guide to responsive design.

    4. Web Design Trends for 2014 & Beyond

      The web interface is always upgrading. Find out the web design trends making their mark this year from Merge Agency.

    5. Understanding Responsive Design

      Awaking to the positive impact of mobile design requires a true understanding of responsive design. Take with you the key aspects of responsive design in this white paper.

    6. Responsive Web App Design — Alpha Software

      This one’s for the developers. Examine the need for cross-platform support with mobile apps.

    7. Responsive Web Design

      View a new era in responsive design. Prototype Interactive sheds light on responsive design and user-centric interfaces.

    8. Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions

      Learn the principles of site design from the Google engineers themselves. It delivers great insight into the multi-platform landscape

    9. Responsive Design Doubles Mobile Giving

      Geting people to donate is hard, but improving your mobile design can simplify the task. Boost your online fundraising with the help DonorDrive’s resource.

    10. Guide to Successful Landing Pages

      How do you know if your landing page will end up converting? Let the folks at SimplyCast give you the right knowlege for the job.

    11. Responsive Web Design: Much More Than Media Queries

      Responsive design is a lot more than just how a user interacts with your site — it involves everything on the page, from content to key inputs, and so on. Effective writes up a full rundown of the aspects.

    12. White paper: Responsive Design Best Practices

      Responsive or adaptive design? Paradysz explores both methods and provides recommendations.

    1. 2014 Ecommerce Benchmark Report

      Ecommerce is changing quickly! Reach conclusions on the utility of repeat purchases and why you should focus on your best customers in this superb report.

    2. Five Mistakes to Avoid with E-commerce Integrations

      Integration with ecommerce can be tricky. Here are five mistakes you can avoid in the process with this ebook by Elan Sherbill!

    3. 3 Things About B2B eCommerce You Can’t Afford to Ignore

      Thinking of implementing an ecommerce strategy to your agency? This paper lists the three things you can’t afford to ignore with B2B ecommerce.

    4. The Retail Order Management Imperative

      This study by Forrester Consulting raises conclusions on online managements systems and cross-channel strategies. You don’t want to miss this one!

    5. 5 Organizational Steps to Plan for Connected Commerce

      Get ready for the coming of ‘connected commerce.’ Here are five steps to plan for the future of consumer purchasing.

    6. 7 Steps to Avoid CostlyRe-Platforming Mistakes

      This PDF lists aspects to keep in mind when reformatting your commerce platform. Enjoy the read!

    7. Simple Strategies for Enhancing eCommerce Profitability

      Read the keys to successful ecommerce, ranging from targeting international markets and offering more ways to pay. Go through the rest of the guide right here.

    8. White Paper on Keys to effective eCommerce fulfillment

      Ecommerce is making massive strives into the future; as expected, this proves beneficial for business. Get the full story in this brief white paper

    9. The State Of E-Commerce In Distribution in 2014

      Why do wholesale distributors keep investing in ecommerce? If you’re in this market, you’ll get a tight overview of the trends in 2014 in this report.

    10. Trends & Strategies for the Commerce Marketer

      Get this list of trends and strategies for top performing commerce marketers! Learn from seasoned experts and implement their recommendations towards your own enterprise.

    11. 5 “Big Brand” Social Media Strategies

      Learn five big brand social media strategies! This pdf sheds light on what some of the bigger players are using to see results.

    12. Why Ecommerce Marketing is Broken

      Marketing for ecommerce is fundamentally broken — learn how you can fix yours from the good people at Curagami! Download this PDF to learn more.

    13. 8 Best Practices to Enhance Consumer Experience and Payment Processing

      Optimize your payment strategy with the tips here from Ayden! There’s no email required to learn to enhance the customer payment process.

    14. Staying Ahead of Google Shopping Changes

      If your company purchases product listing ads for online retailers, read this white paper for conclusions on the latest trends on the subject from the last year.

    15. Best Practice Pricing Strategies

      Do you have trouble pricing your products and services? Read this guide for best practices in pricing!

    1. 15 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

      Are you aiming to boost your conversions? Here are 15 ways to increase your conversion rate in a smart PDF.

    2. The Definitive Guide to Conversion Optimization

      If you’re looking to learn everything you need to know on CRO, get this guide from Neil Patel and Joseph Putnam. Be prepared to become the resident conversion expert at your firm!

    3. The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

      The greatest beginner’s guide to CRO is here! Qualaroo puts 12 chapters of conversion principles into an ebook.

    4. Path to ROI: Boosting Demand Gen and Improving Conversions with Social Login

      Improve your conversions and lead generation with social logins! View important aspects to look for regarding ROI.

    5. The Secret Weapon of Conversion Rate Optimization

      Learn the secrets of conversion rate optimization! This ebook includes a step-by-step guide to Google Analytics, an optimization strategy, and best practices to follow.

    6. From Abandon to Conversion: Why Shoppers Abandon Carts and What Merchants Can Do About It

      Don’t let your customers abandon your carts anymore! Bronto advises retailers on post-abandonment strategies and other insights on studying more than 100 shopping carts.

    7. 7 Awesome Video Strategies to Skyrocket Customer Engagement, Conversion and Acquisition

      Did you know you could use video to convert customers? Here are seven video strategies to assist in acquisition and customer engagement.

    8. 2014 Form Conversion Report

      Discover the most optimal ways to convert using forms with this report from Formstack! Get the guide right here.

    9. Conversion Rate Experts Toolkit

      The Conversion Rate Experts put together a package you don’t want to miss. From evaluating landing pages to beating conversions when you’ve tried everything, these guides will serve your business well!

    10. 101 Landing Page Optimization Tips

      Get all 101 landing page tips right at your finger tips! These 14 chapters will have you testing and reporting some of the most useful insights on your page.

    11. How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rates

      Here are some top tips from the Lorel team on increase your website’s conversion rate. Look into your CTAs, web forms, and more within this white paper.

    1. The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

      Here is the complete guide to email marketing, as presented by WhatCounts! This in-depth piece of content shows you everything from getting started to list segmentation.

    2. 3 Steps To Make Your Lifecycle Emails Soar

      Where are people dropping off during the purchase process? The folks at GetVero give you three keys to perfecting your “lifecycle” emails.

    3. 7 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask About Email & Social Media

      Everyone’s got questions on their mind regarding email marketing and social media integration. Fandom Marketing gives you the all the answers you need and more!

    4. 2014 Guide to Inspired E-mail Marketing

      Does your email marketing need an upgrade? GetResponse produces a stellar guide filled with 10 ideas for resonating email campaigns.

    5. 3 Steps To Effective Email Marketing

      Take control of your data for more powerful lead generation and email marketing management. This PDF by Bluewolf ensures that you get more consistent engagement with the included methods.

    6. Top 5 Triggered Email Examples

      Make sure you have triggered emails for certain steps in the marketing process. Pure 360 highlights five great examples in this white paper.

    7. Science of Email 2014

      In this timely report, find out how your subscribers read email, which devices they use the most, and more. HubSpot and Litmus partner up to bring you this excellent piece of content.

    8. 2014 SilverPop Email Marketing MEtrics Benchmark Study

      Get the latest benchmarks for your email marketing metrics in Silverpop’s white paper! Determine how effective your email is with the conclusions published in thiis detailed paper.

    9. How to Build Your Email List Using Viral Promotions

      Learn a a myriad of engaging ways you can use to build your list of emails with Pure360! Check out the paper.

    10. Email Marketing Objectives

      Do you think your emails’ objectives are sales? Shares? Get clear on this metric with the help of the folks at Fanbase.

    11. 5 Ways to Personalize Email Beyond the Subject Line

      There are other ways to increase your email conversions. Go beyond the subject line in this top quality virtual pdf from Monetate.

    12. Why You Should Stop Using Autoresponders: A Better Solution Exists

      Your autoresponders most likely aren’t doing their job. AVA makes the case for ceasing autoresponders in favor of more effective two-way communication!

    1. Compliance: Protection In The Performance Channel

      The team at Affiliate Window make their mark with this white paper on affiliate marketing and brand protection. If you’re curious about the future of compliance principles within the space, this pdf will not disappoint!

    2. Information and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing

      This Harvard Research paper on affiliate marketing analyzes the incentives present within the industry. Gain a deep understanding from this tried and true practice in this paper.

    3. Best Practices: Affiliate Marketing

      The folks at Direct Agents address the top eight best practices for effective Affiliate Marketing in one tidy pdf. Take a look!

    4. Benefits to Working with Coupon Affiliates

      Interested in working with coupon affiliates? This paper by Schaaf highlights the benefits to your business and insights on your potential buyers.

    5. The Big Affiliate Marketing Handbook

      The United Digital Group releases the Big Affiliate Handbook in a solid white paper. It goes in-depth in the industry, including the trends soon to come for its marketers.

    6. 2014 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

      Put the digital future into focus! ComScore collects a load of insights on the media landscape across platforms in this quality report.

    7. The 2014 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

      Curious about upcoming trends in the digital industry? Have a look at the benchmark report from Experian.


      B2B marketing will never be the same. Here are some interesting changes of note from AdAge!

    9. 2014 State of Marketers

      Take another in-depth look at the state of marketing! ExactTarget releases its report on 2014 in a white paper.

    10. Predictions for the Digital Marketer, Strategist, Tech Guru and Beyond

      Trends we see in the marketplace are bound to affect the rest of the marketing professionals. Here are the top trends for a few of those professions.

    11. Seven Key Marketing Trends for 2014

      As we continue into 2014, several key trends and tactics are becoming more and more prevalent. Read Silverpop’s white paper on the subject.

    12. Digital Marketing Trends of 2014

      Continue updating your knowledge on the digital marketing industry with this paper from Resolution Media.

    13. The Value of Social Data

      How can you incorporate social data into your marketing strategy? This ebook highlights the value of reading social data for your business.

    14. The Future of Mobile in Research

      Mobile is going to have a huge impact on the future of research. Learn the implications of this in this report by VisionCritical.

    15. What to Do When Your Subscribers Just Aren’t That Into You

      What are the key drivers of adoption in marketing? Learn the answer to this and other potential questions in this smart PDF.

    16. The New York Times Innovation Report

      The New York Times Innovation Report is one of the most important documents ever written on the trends of the digital universe in terms of content. Learn from the company’s mistakes in this solid PDF.

    17. Gleansight Benchmark Report: Web Content Management

      In the age of the customer, you need personalized content to reach consumers properly. Read this survey report to read conclusions on web content management.

    18. Nine Ways to Pull More Revenue Through To Your Bottom Line

      Get more profit from your hotel revenues in this informative document from Trevor Stuart-Hill! Analyze your funnel for maximum returns.

    19. Attribution in Performance Marketing

      Analyze the consumer journey from the first click all the way to the purchase in this interesting white paper. Understand performance marketing, attribution models, and more through expert interviews and articles.

    20. CRM for Creative, Marketing, and Media Agencies

      You never get the full potential of your market without the help of CRM. Base puts together an ebook highlighting the benefits of an automated customer relationship funnel.

    21. How to Generate More Leads and Build Brand Recognition

      Generate leads much more efficiently with these tips from Blue Fountain Media! Also get in on native advertising, as well as social media.

    22. 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips – Boost Your Marketing

      Many businesses struggle to find new ways to build leads — CatchCreative offers you 30. Check out this ebook on ways to make your lead generation highly effective.

    23. Best Practices in Guided Selling

      Have you ever heard of a Guided Selling tool? Salesforce’s ExactTarget breaks down the utility of these tools in boosting ROI and customer experience.

    24. Nine Steps to Digital Marketing Greatness

      With so many avenues open to us thanks to the depths of the digital landscape, it can be quite complex to determine the most optimal marketing plan. E-lign puts together nine step to digital marketing greatness!

    25. Managing Global Branding to Improve Your Marketing Relevance

      Keep track of your global branding to expand your marketing viewability. This white paper by OpenText gives you ideas on to how you do it.

    26. Digital Minds Summit 2014 Wrap-Up Report

      Were you unable to attend the Digital Minds Summit by MIPTV? Here’s your look into the educational think tank, complete with a brief summary and useful insights.

    27. The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

      Get the definitive guide to lead generation from the folks at Marketo! This robust white paper is nothing short of impressive.

    28. 5 Criteria for Choosing a Data Management Outsourcing Partner

      Outsource your data management so your enterprise can run a much smoother and more organized operation. Pythian shares tips on choosing a data management partner.

    29. The ROI of Marketing Automation

      Learn the advantages of marketing automation from the group at Marketo! You can never know too much about lead generation and visibility.

    30. What the #SelfieRevolution Means for Brands

      The era of the selfie is here! Learn what this revolution means to your marketing strategy in a smart PDF.

    31. 3Q Digital White Paper Collection

      Check out 3Q Digital’s library of white papers, ranging from SEO and advertising to social media and conversions. Take your pick!

    32. Marketing Tech Blog White Paper Collection

      The Marketing Tech Blog shares a collection of white papers from its various partners and sponsors. Topics include social media, sales, conversion, and more!

    33. 2014 B2B Web Usability Report

      In this survey report, learn what causes buyers to leave your site and how to improve your website experience. KoMarketing has the full report for you to download.

    34. Why Fortune 500 Companies Need Virtual Assistants

      Need some outside assistance in your marketing efforts? We suggest hiring virtual assistants for the jobs that need it — Nick Loper and Bryan Miles explain the reasoning right here.

    35. How Predictive Analytics Drive Optimization and Personalization

      The use of predictive analytics can drive massive amounts of traffic to your site if done right. Use these lessons by Brian Hawkins to get started!

    36. 10 Creative Best Practices to Boost Loan Marketing Results

      While the focus is loan marketing, the tips in this white paper can be applied to any industry! Read this white paper by Kris Niblett for more information.

    37. How Integrated Video Planning Can Transition Advertising from ‘Upfronts’ to ‘Allfronts’

      Advertise across multiple platforms for the best results! ComScore measures the benefits of moving from TV to cross-platform video advertising.

    38. The Power of Persona-Based Marketing

      Persona-based marketing is where the new focus is for marketing. Learn the implications of this new practice in this high quality PDF.

    39. 7 Steps to Improve Marketing ROI

      Take a look back at the growing digital marketing trends in the recent months. Here are seven marketing trends you can use to increase your ROI.

    40. Marketing Leader’s Checklist

      Is your marketer tracking some of the most significant key metrics? Docalytics presents them in a white paper.

    41. Driving Inbound Leads Part 2: Maintenance

      Drive inbound leads right back to your business! Take a look under the hood of your sales funnel in this top PDF.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! 200 of the best free white papers on digital marketing out there for you to read. What do you think about our Digital Marketing White Papers List? Tell us about your favorite resources in the comments section below.

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