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What is authenticity? With the quality of being genuine or uniquely engaging, content marketing that is authentic speaks to a deeper emotional level and goes beyond selling. Authentic content is arguably the best way to market to the next generation, which has grown weary of traditional marketing methods.

You would expect to see nothing but authentic content on the web. The reality, however, is that spinning software and subpar content writers are flooding the web with rephrased, rehashed ideas and information. It is increasingly difficult to find original, insightful content from thought leaders in respective industries. That is why it is important to recognize the value of authenticity.

About Authenticity and Content Marketing

An interesting insight into authenticity comes from the Harvard Business Review. According to the HBR, authentic employees focus on their appearance, a way of communicating and being your best self. This is applicable to content marketing in the way that you represent your brand in your efforts. The reason why you want your content to be authentic boils back to one big business: Google.

Google, the forerunner in search engine results, expects your content to be original. In fact, content that is blatantly a copy or spun from other content online can lead to blacklisting for your site. This type of black hat tactic has no place in the new frontier of content marketing. Instead, Forbes says, content marketers should focus on three key areas when working toward authenticity:

  • Native advertising
  • Content marketing suspicion
  • Content market saturation

Every business is putting out content. Therefore, your business has to make sure your content, whether it is blog posts, videos, or ads, is original, unique and authentic. You also have to worry about threats like fake news reports that could hamper your brand. Along these lines are the fact that consumers are becoming more perceptive to content marketing tactics. Consumers are more likely to purchase out of streaming video ads, i.e., as with Hulu, today than in previous years.

Then you have native advertising, which tricks consumers into thinking that other ads come from the brand itself. For example, if you are a vegan YouTube personality and your viewers constantly see ads for ground pork products on your channel, users may suspect that your brand is supported by the meat industry, which would be devastating. Working around these issues is key to staying relevant in today’s content marketing sector. Here are a couple of examples of content marketing authenticity in certain fields.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel Website Example

The quest to find authenticity in content marketing begins with the king of content marketing, Neil Patel. Neil “helps you succeed through online marketing” by serving as an influencer in content marketing. He provides consumers with SEO tools, tips for starting a blog, content knowledge, a podcast, and videos. In terms of content marketing, the thought leader provides readers with actionable steps to take along with the latest marketing news.


Goop Screenshot

Love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow has transformed an online newsletter into a $250 million corporation. To be able to do this, her team of content marketers and writers focused on a niche of their audience. Goop honed in on the rich and wealthy able to afford the beautiful albeit expensive things the site hawks.

That is right, at Goop, the goal isn’t just blog posts and informative YouTube videos. In fact, those are sidelined to the shopping spree that is happening 24/7 here. Goop sells clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, and even books and children’s items. Of course, the price tag reflects the luxurious lifestyles of the intended audience. This is where Goop is golden, by providing the less than famous with an authentic glimpse into the otherwise secretive life of Beverly Hills-level home goods and handbags.

Your goal should be to remain true to your brand and provide content marketing that reflects the originality your business brings to the industry.

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