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Question One: I work out of my house and don’t really want my address listed, but I do want my territory listed. I believe that Google works mainly through its maps using addresses, what is the best way to handle not listing a specific address, but a territory?

Our Response: You can actually show the territory of your place of business while masking your physical address. Google is aware that some business owners operate out from their homes (as the company offers it as an option when listing your business for the first time in its local maps database). However, with this masking comes a cost. You lose the ranking capabilities that come with having a specified address.

This can be overwritten if all other local factors (Phone Number, Local Images, City and State, etc.) are taken care of. Following these guidelines helps you to still appear in Google Plus Local and Google Maps. Also be sure to build as many quality citations as possible with your business associate with your general area of operation.

For more information on how to hide your address and still rank effectively, check out this article by Bright Local.

Question Two: How do I set up Rich Snippets in Google Search?

Our Response: Rich Snippets come from on-page markup you can could get from Google Webmaster. You can add markup to Reviews, Places of Business, Events, and more. Acquiring Rich Snippets enables you to have customized search results depending on the type of markup you implement.

To test for what kind of markup your site has, head to Google Webmaster Tools and use the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Learn more about how to markup your organization in Google Search here.

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