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Question One: I’ve noticed my Klout score dropping the past few months. Is there anyway to remedy this and return my score back to where it was?

Our Response: First, let’s talk about what a Klout score is. Your Klout score is what quantifies your ability to get other users to take a certain action (post a post, tweet a tweet, etc.). All of your social networks contribute to your score, as well as the cumulative actions that result from your engagement in the online world. According to Klout, more than 400 different signals are taken into account when designating your score.

Now, think about what you’ve been doing recently. Have you been performing certain actions that have raised your Klout score? Have you changed how you conduct social media engagement in the past few months? A lot of score fluctuations are the result of these changes.

Here are three ways you can boost your Klout Score:

1. Provide valuable content: This likely results in more followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

2. Talk to new people: Reengaging with your connections strengthens bonds, but isn’t as conducive to making new connections.

3. Share more: It’s highly unlikely that people will engage with you if you only share your own content.

These tips are easier said than done, but once you think deeply about how you can carry out these actions, you are much closer to building your influence.

For more information on Klout Score, click here.

Question Two: Coming up with ideas for content is challenging. What do you think is the best way generate ideas?

Our Response: Coming up with content can be a constant struggle for those in the content game. What is your audience craving to learn? Even if your content is useful, will others find it worth sharing? It is questions like these that go through the minds of content managers.

Our best pieces of advice are to pay attention to the audience you want to target. What kinds of people are reading your content? Which kinds of professionals do you want reading it? Do your research and find out where those people hangout online. Find out where they get there information.

Once you figure this out, read the content. Would it be hard for you to duplicate this level of content, in terms of quality? How much time would you be willing to invest to create this information?

With this knowledge, start coming up with ideas. Come up with a unique take on a current industry topic, or simply take notes on the trends. It is almost inevitable that you will come up with a smart idea that captivates your target audience.

After you’ve come up with around 10 or so ideas, start planning and writing your content. How long this stage takes is up to you. Give it to several writers before hit “Publish” on your content. Afterwards, monitor the post’s performance. Based on how well it does, you can judge whether the topic is viable for a more in-depth or specialized article.

It make take some time to get used to this process of content creation, but in time, you’ll see that the results are well worth it.

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