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Question One: How much does your domain name matter in getting search traffic?

Our Response: We’d say that it has measurable impact. If your domain name has keywords in it related to your target audience, it’s likely that you’ll see higher levels of traffic compared to  domain name that is irrelevant. However, consider this: even if you have a relatively similar domain name in terms of keywords and compare it with an obscure domain that has highly targeted content, which one do you think will come out on top?

It’s common knowledge that recognizable brands do massively better than individual keywords in the long term. In the short term, it’s likely to be true that keyword-based domain names perform better.

Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Is it a short-lived site with high traffic or a persisting brand that grows over time?

Question Two: Why does my ranking in the search engines keep fluctuating?

Our Response: Google searches through more than 30 trillion web pages to index content. In 2008, that number just hit 1 trillion. Consider how much of an impact your site is having in search.

If your numbers are fluctuating, that’s because it takes a whole lot for search rankings to stay constant. You have to continuously seek out new ways to stay relevant, jump on keyword opportunities, and keep engaging online. The search engines are constantly changing to accommodate the growing landscape we find ourselves in today.

Here are some tips to stay relevant:

1. Continue to expand your influence. See who you can partner up with to capture a new audience. If you stay within your comfort zone for too long, you’ll end up overlooked when a new competitor steps into your market.

2. Do your research. Whether it’s for keywords or content, always add new insights to your marketing strategy. The same rules as in Number One apply here.

Those are the key action items. Keep them top of mind whenever you make a strategy decision (How can I expand my influence? Is what I’m looking into new or relevant to my audience?) and you’ll have no need to worry because you can rest easy at the top!

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