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Question One: What is the significance of using GIFs for Twitter or other platforms for that matter? How does this help my business’s promotion?

Our Response: Think of it this way — you have an enormous array of media at your disposal. From videos to email, podcasts to blogs, and so on, you have numerous ways to communicate with your business. It is simply up to you to decide on which medium you view as most useful to your strategy.

Yes, GIFs are back on Twitter, but that doesn’t matter unless you are planning to use it for your business. In truth, it really does not matter what medium you decide to use; what matters is how effectively you can create valuable content through said medium. Don’t get caught up in the latest updates and releases.

Can you adapt to new practices? Can you create on these mediums? Is it worth it to invest the time to learn?

Figure out these questions and you’ll soon be able to decide what to do next.

Question Two: I get a fair amount of blog traffic already, but am seeing few conversions to sales. We already have a fair amount of calls to action. Is there a way to fix this?

Our Response: When dealing with sales, consider how you communicate your product to your prospective customer. It’s very possible that your product is just too difficult to understand (assuming you are serving a need that your market wants). The reasons for your product should be clear enough for your mother to understand.

Try getting an outside perspective. If after looking at your website, your confidant can’t articulate your product, rewrite your copy from scratch. Go back to what the problem the customer wants to solve and how your product can solve it,

Also, try giving away something for free in return for a sale. It doesn’t have to be a part of the actual product, but a free piece of content like an ebook or whitepaper.

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