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Question One: I have successfully submitted my site to Google for indexing, but my site has yet to show up in Yahoo and Bing. How do I remedy this?

Our Response: There are several aspects to take into consideration when learning how to properly index your site.

First, you must have enough content pages so that Google can accurately index your site. Start this process by building out the content on your domain. Once you have a bit of content in place, you’ll want to check for any duplicates. Neglecting to remove duplicates can cause any of the major search engines to reject your site from their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another way to get indexed is to have more links pointing to your website from external sources. The best way to do this is by networking with relevant site owners and posting high quality content.

If your content has already been indexed by Google, checking up on these prerequisites should only speed up the process for indexation on Yahoo and Bing.

If this problem continues to persist, publish a post on the Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Forums.

Question Two: As a business owner, I’m very active with my various social networks. Are there any possible ways I can  incorporate this into my sales funnel?

Our Response: Social management tools essentially allow you to gain more insight on possible prospects in your social media network. There are various tools across the web you can use to drive sales from social media, such as Nimble and SugarCRM (take a look at a few other social CRM tools in this recent blog post).

Even if you aren’t able to directly link social media with sales for your company, here are a few helpful tips to take note of to improve the process.

1. Promote your services through your social channels.

2. Share client testimonials.

3. Engage in conversations to better understand your users.

All of these are key components, as you’re not leaving your social network followers up to chance and are constantly moving the relationship forward. If nothing else, this will drive curiosity towards the services you provide.

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