Q: ‘Mobilegeddon’ happened last week. What now?


A: First, the rollout probably hasn’t even finished yet—Google may still be testing results and tweaking the algorithm. In a blog post on April 21st, Google acknowledged that webmasters may not see changes in traffic right away, since it will take some time for its Googlebot for smartphones to crawl and index websites again post-update.

Despite many search marketers and bloggers referring to it in apocalyptic terms, it’s still to early to tell what the extent of the shakeup will be in search results. In the same blog post linked above, Google reminded readers that while mobile-friendliness will be a significant ranking factor, there are others that are still possibly more important—like the relevance of high-quality content on a webpage to a user’s query. Searchmetrics drew up a preliminary “winners and losers” list of the top sites that seem to have been drastically affected by the update last week, with reddit.com a top loser and tvtropes.org the top winner as of April 25th.

The bottom line is that it’s not too late to make any changes needed to make your website more accessible via mobile searches. Take advantage of Google’s mobile friendly test tool and Fetch as Google in Webmaster tools to check your work and test your site’s mobile friendliness as you go.


Q: As a brand, how do I know if my social media posts are performing the way I need them to?


A: This really depends on which platform you’re on. The most popular social media networks offer fairly robust analytics tools, which in conjunction with your own website analytics can tell you a lot about the performance of your social media efforts.

Twitter Analytics will tell you which posts earned the most engagements and what type, post impressions, link clicks, impressions, profile visits, retweets, and favorites. Twitter also offers conversion tracking in the form of tags you can place to track website and in-app conversions.

Facebook gives you Insights: post reach, Page Likes, post engagement (clicks, Likes, and shares), paid reach (if you’re running Facebook ads).

Even Pinterest has a suite of analytics tools, which allow you to see which Pins are your top performers, how people interact with your pins from a variety of devices, how the Pin It button on your website is used, and more.

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