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Question One: Give me the rundown on Facebook’s latest ad-type, “Local Awareness Ads.”

Our Answer: As a local business, it’s challenging to get in the view of customers that are constantly flocking to much bigger and well known brands. Sure, social media links and creating content are great ways to build traffic, but those things take time to generate a significant financial return. Facebook has continued its efforts to bring small businesses back into the fold with its latest iteration on advertising, Local Awareness Ads. These ads are meant to be used primarily for local mobile users. However, users still gave control over whether they want to view the ads or not.

One of Facebook’s main goals is to encourage Facebook Local Page Administrators to become active advertisers. If you want more local relevancy, this is a smart way to achieve it. Facebook advertising is also a relatively inexpensive option if you’re looking for a little extra exposure for your small business. Compared to organic Facebook posts, advertising does a much better job netting you awareness.

Question Two: How do we find good directories where people will see our content?

Our Answer: As you may know, good directories are hard to find. Many are low quality, take too long to update with your website, don’t get enough traffic, and so on. Often times, it will take a lot of research on your part to find some of the best ones.

Throughout our blog’s existence, we’ve highlighted some of the best directories for both bloggers and small business owners. Check out our archives to see some of the directories we recommend (and some of the ones that have closed up shop, as of late).

In general, there a few tell-tale signs that can help you determine whether a directory:

Step 1. Check its PageRank.

There are tons of ways you can check the PageRank of any website. Google for a specific page rank checker and make sure the directory you’re considering is a legit source.

Step 2. Explore the directory to help determine the quality of submissions.

If you the directory passes the first quality test, it should be easy to spot a questionable directory once you’ve given it a closer look. Look for broken links, excessive keyword usage on its pages, and old update times (directories often tell you when the last time certain listings were updated) just to point out a few.

Step 3. Search for reviews on the directory.

When everything checks out, give yourself a little more insurance by checking for reviews on your specific directory. What does the majority of users say on its behalf? We recommend giving more weight to reviewers that put the product in the middle level of ratings, as they are the most likely to point out both its positive and negative aspects.

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