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Question 1: I know it’s a good SEO strategy to create videos related to my site’s content, but professionally made & edited videos seem expensive and time-intensive to create. Is there a cheap and easy way to make a tutorial video for my business? that would show a movie of my changing computer screen as I click around and narrate?

Our Response: There’s no denying the large impact of video marketing. Videos are an easy and low-cost way to add another form of content to your website. They can attract a larger range of customers, whether you want to post a quick instructional video, testimonial, advertisement, or any other type. For example,  you can do something as simple as creating an instructional video for your clients by briefly videotaping your screen while you click around and narrate. Even using a flip cam or cell phone camera will work well for a tutorial video rather than some high-tech camera or spending thousands of dollars and hiring a company to create it for you. Some great DIY apps to look into are Camtasia, Adobe, Candido, iMovie, Jing Project, Magisto, Animoto, or even GoToMeeting. Video marketing is becoming more popular nowadays, so there’s a lot of wonderful tools out there for you to check out. Overall, it’s important to spend time creating, organizing, and planning a clear-cut strategy for your video, as you would with any type of high quality content you want to post on your website. See also How to Use Video SEO to Increase Sales.

Question 2: Should I be doing search engine optimization and pay-per-click (Google AdWords?)

Our Response: We recommend that clients participate in both SEO and PPC if they are able to do so. Both types of optimization strategies are relevant and useful for SMBs, helping to improve your search engine results and increase traffic. In fact, the combination of SEO and PCC in your budget can really work together. On one hand, participating in PPC will help to lock in your top keywords pretty quickly, but the cost can add up quickly. If your expectations are to see an immediate lift in search rankings with either type of online marketing, you may be disappointed. With the help of UpCity, SEO creates a slower, more steady (and much lower-cost!) option. Organic traffic from inbound marketing will provide lasting benefits if performed correctly and maintained on a regular basis. For another perspective, check out this previously published infographic, The Value of SEO vs. PPC.

Question 3: I just found out that I have two version of my website, and both of them have some backlinks. Which one should I use?

Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to this inquiry, as well as many others, in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. Members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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