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Question 1: A directory is offering to submit my website to more than 400 directories. Should I register? I don’t want to spam.

Our Response:  Although we’d like to learn more background information about the specific directory you’re inquiring about, it’s safe to say we will generally not recommend pursuing a directory like the one you described. A directory that prides itself in creating a large number of unnatural links, all at once, in a short amount of time, and for a very low cost is something that you want to be suspicious about as a smart marketer.

As an SEO best practice, we recommend businesses to only seek high quality and trustworthy links, and some directories offer more value than others. Google actively and manually penalizes websites that exhibit poor link tactics and automatic low quality submissions. You can’t be certain these 400 directories qualify as authority, top ranking links. It’s not worth it to risk receiving any search engine punishments from your hard work.

There are still plenty of highly effective web directories to pursue. In addition to your personalized UpCity curriculum provides hundreds of link generating ideas to consider in addition to a variety of other SEO tactics. If you don’t want to create a specific link that’s recommended in your UpCity curriculum, we won’t be offended! All tasks in the UpCity curriculum are merely suggestions… you don’t HAVE to complete all of them, and clients are able to skip any they want. If you invest in a consistent mix of content marketing, keyword targeting, local optimization, on-site optimization, and other important marketing techniques, these tactics will help you to achieve more free traffic over time. Hope this helps answer your question!

Question 2:  I’ve just started out in the Twitter world and am excited but overwhelmed with what I’m seeing. Could you recommend a few best practices for how to create tweets?

Our Response: We often come across businesses that recently signed up for a Twitter account, begin an active campaign right away, but end up regretting some of their tweets. Before you begin submitting tweets on behalf of your entire business, it is valuable to learn some best practices about how to handle your business on this powerful social platform. We compiled some recommendations for businesses to consider:

  • Start creating your active Twitter account today! You can sign up as yourself (example Bob Smith), as your company name (Smith Plumbing), or with both handles. We generally suggest signing up as your business name first. Make sure the full name of the Twitter account is the official name of the business.
  • Provide a website link in your profile area, and include keywords in your short profile description.
  • Check your Twitter account at least once a day for keyword searches and instances of your company.
  • Use Twitter messages to promote your business as an authority or thought leader in your industry.
  • Keep your Twitter account organized with free social media tools.
  • Connect to your customers by reacting and responding to tweets that are directed to you or about you.
  • Messages need to be as concise as possible (less than 140 characters).
  • Create tweets on a regular basis, at least once a day if you can.
  • Remember to use Hashtags, Mentions and @Replies.
  • Display a Twitter button throughout your website and blog so visitors can seamlessly share your content.
  • Designate a specific person or team of people to lead the Twitter handle.
  • Follow industry and thought leaders to get more ideas for your messages. Check out our list of 25 blogs to learn how to use Twitter effectively for your business.
  • Utilize tweets for exclusive promotions.
  • Learn some Twitter lingo.
  • To gain authority, try to participate in some of the weekly conversations related to your industry.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about how to create and optimize a Twitter account for your website.

Question 3: What are some ideas to sending out bi-weekly emails for my plumbing company? All we can think of is coupons, and we don’t want to give out to many of those.

 Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to many other SEO inquiries in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. Members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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