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Question 1: I’d like to do some social media for my new marketing business, but to be honest I don’t have time to maintain 10 different sites. What are the most important ones to get my business on?

Our Response: If you’re going to choose only a couple social media platforms to maintain on a regular basis, we’d definitely recommend these top four: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. At a high level, these major social networks are essential to increasing real estate and free traffic to your site, and it’s easy to do. If you’re active and engaging on these platforms and using them in an effective manner, you’ll find them to be successful for your business!

Spending only a couple minutes a day on your social media strategy is all you really need, and there’s great tools to help maintain multiple social media profiles in one place, like HootSuite. Social media is great for all levels of online marketing from beginners to experts. Your UpCity personalized action plan offers a large amount of information and opportunities around these social media properties and how you can effectively use them to connect to your customers, gain new customers, and increase your overall relevancy on the search engines.

Question 2: Is there an easy way to create a cool Twitter background image? It would be awesome to have an image that shows URLs to your other social presences like this.

Our Response: TechCrunch’s Twitter is similar to other Twitter profile backgrounds – it’s composed of a picture or file. This image just has a lot of text on it and features their team member roles, which is a great idea! Businesses can post weekly promotions, photos of their staff, and many other unique items to separate themselves from the crowd on Twitter. There are many software programs to help you create a custom Twitter background, such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, IrfanView, GIMP, or even something as basic as MS Paint. You can probably use any design software to create it.

Another strategy: If you perform a quick Google search for something like “Twitter backgrounds,” you’ll find a number of specific websites (a lot of them free!) that specialize in helping Twitter users create personalized backgrounds. The graphic can be easily created on your own, or  you could ask a friend or graphic artist if you aren’t as familiar. Overall, it’s important to create a quality impression and to post a fun, high-quality image on Twitter.  You wouldn’t want the image that represents your business to be pixelated and unclear to the reader. Hope this helps!

Question 3: As a local business, should all of my keywords include my city name?

Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to this inquiry, as well as many others, in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. UpCity members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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