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Question 1:  I own a manufacturing business. Are there any keywords that are overused and  should stay away from when I compile keywords for my website? I’d like to make the process as simple as possible because I’m a very new to SEO.

Our Response: The high-quality keywords that you choose for your website not only depend on the search volume of the keywords (number of keywords used by searchers in a period of time), but also the level of competition for these keywords. Another key dimension to consider is the geographic market that your business serves.

While Google provides the Adwords keyword tool, it can be a bit difficult to use and is intended for the more experienced SEO marketers. We also recommend that you try our UpCity keyword targeting tool which is simple to understand and use. The keyword tool will select and list all valid keywords in descending order based on a calculated UpCity score. To get started: Open the “Keyword Targeting” section in your UpCity account, enter a search category in the field provided that describes your business, and click the “Get Suggested Keywords” button.

Hope this helps answer your question! Let us know what other inquiries you have related to keyword selection.

Question 2: Why do various link sources show more backlinks than my Google Webmaster Tools?

Our Response:  Overall, sources can vary greatly when tracking backlinks. There are a number of backlink checkers on the web today, and they often vary in link data totals for a variety of reasons. Most backlinks providers utilize their own crawler equation so the metrics and results will vary. Furthermore, there will be a difference in the the frequency of how often the indexing occurs. In addition web pages are created or updated after they are spidered by the backlinks checker. Don’t be alarmed that it will take some time for your number of new pages to catch up. We’d recommend focusing on a high-quality backlinks strategy and concentrating less on the difference in accurate counts you are seeing.

Google Webmasters is a free and trusted way to keep track of your backlinks. Most likely, the data you are seeing in Google Webmaster Tools is a “sample” list of backlinks to your website. This decreased size may be why you are noticing less links reported in Google WebMaster Tools compared to other backlinks tools. Other estimates may be obtained by using our backlinks reporting software or other popular backlink checkers.

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