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Question 1: I recently posted a question on a company’s Facebook wall and checked the next day hoping for a response. I was surprised to see my post was removed. What are your thoughts on removing customer questions from Facebook, and is this okay to do?

Our Response: Removing client questions or negative feedback from a business’s social media site is a big no-no in our book. A surprisingly large percentage of companies, including well-known brands, regularly let posts “disappear.” Unless it contains inappropriate content or spam, we feel that a company should never outright delete a question or comment from the public eye. When businesses ignore or remove an obvious question on a social network, not only does this look bad to their fans, but they’re also losing a great customer service opportunity to drive more interest, customers, or sales!

If a negative but honest question is publicly displayed on Facebook, a business should always answer it thoughtfully and tactfully. The most important action is to interact calmly and respond positively. Sometimes it might be best to comment publicly to the person, as well as reach out on a personal level as well. In the end, the choice is up to the business when deciding how to approach an issue like this. Sometimes, it’s not black or white whether or not a Facebook post should be taken down. Whatever the final action turns out to be, we encourage businesses to judge each case separately and to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision right away. For more Facebook tips for your SMB, read our list of Top 20 Facebook Marketing Blogs.

Question 2:  Is it too early to start SEO on a site still under construction?

Our Response: You can never be too prepared for launching a new website. We recommend starting early and thinking about a search engine optimization strategy no matter what stage you’re in for launching a new site. Prioritizing site structure and other website optimization considerations are very important for you to think about in the planning phase. Your UpCity curriculum will keep you on track with these important initial tasks when building your site. After the site goes live later on, off-site tasks can be prioritized in your SEO tactics, such as working on link-building techniques and generating reviews.

Another pre-launch SEO consideration is to consider working on an editorial calendar for a blog. Creating content for your website and blog, and sharing the content your social media sites is essential to gain traffic and value, especially for a new business. With this preparation, compiling and planning content for an editorial calendar is a free and valuable foundation for any small business when launching a website. If you’re worried about launching a blog before your website is live, think about how it will increase the buzz around your product and get people talking. Ultimately, these strategies will help keep you focused and on track for the launch and success of your site!

Question 3:  My page rank is still at zero, but I have been working on my website’s SEO consistently for a few months now. Is there any specific optimization I can work on to see an increase?

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