We’ve worked with a large number of small business and local marketing agencies over the past few years. What we found is that small businesses don’t know who to trust to help them solve digital marketing problems and some have been burned a number of times. We also found that web designers and local marketing agencies have a hard time getting above “the noise” and convincing a small business to do online marketing and to hire them.

Therefore, early this year we started highlighting firms that we think are doing a great job with their own online presence in major cities across the US. Here is an example of one our top lists in Kansas City.  We’ve had so much great feedback from agencies and from small businesses on this effort that we decided to create a dedicated area on our website for this resource.

Today, we’re pleased to announce Top Local Agencies by UpCity!



We wanted to use this as an opportunity to solve a problem: agencies need more exposure to the right customers, while small business owners need to find high quality agencies they can trust in their community and beyond. The Top Local Agencies website gives both local marketing agencies and small businesses an opportunity to find each other, matching the services business owners want with the customers agencies need.

Check out our first list of the Top 20 Web Designers in Bellevue, WA to see the first list!

The Local Web Designer Profile

Every new city we release from now on will be published on this platform. Here, featured agencies will also have a profile page that they can edit by entering business information and services, uploading their logo, editing their description and more!

In addition to new city lists, we will also relaunch our old city lists on this new website each week.

The Criteria to Get Listed

The firms selected to be on these lists are based on how well these companies represent themselves online; their company website user experience, social media presence as well as their prominence in organic search results. These firms are sent a link in order to access and update their custom profiles for public launch.