upcity-website-audit-bannerAt UpCity, we’re constantly working to push our local inbound marketing platform to become an even better one-stop solution for marketers to help conduct and manage client engagements. Thanks to feedback and input from our agency partners over the last 12 months, we’ve found that there is still a huge need for agencies to leverage robust website crawling and technical analysis tools to help drive strategy in SEO engagements.

You’ve asked, we’ve listened, and today we’re excited to unveil UpCity’s Website Auditor!

What is UpCity’s Website Auditor?

Like many other industry standard auditing tools, UpCity’s Website Auditor provides a detailed, page-level analysis of every URL on a site, tested against more than 40 unique factors known to influence your search visibility and performance.

However, most auditing tools are designed to provide large amounts of raw data, relying on the user to formulate a strategy and action plan on their own. With UpCity’s Website Auditor, you can collect data, analyze findings, and create tasks for you or your team based on those findings – all within a few clicks.

How Can UpCity’s Website Auditor Help my Agency?

We know that most seasoned SEOs leverage a library of robust tools and platforms to help service their customers. We also know that those monthly subscription costs can add up quickly! UpCity combines a variety of tools that are instrumental to any SEO engagement into a single, easy-to-use platform that makes managing your clients on a daily basis a breeze. With UpCity in your toolbox, you get a powerful keyword research tool, robust backlinks analytics, task & project management, and automated, fully-branded reporting – all from one easy-to-use dashboard with one fixed monthly cost.

Providing an audit summary or report has never been easier. Our new Website Audit report can be seamlessly integrated into UpCity’s existing automated reporting suite, allowing you to send fully white-labeled, visually engaging reports directly to your clients every month, with no manual intervention required.

Website Auditor Video Walkthrough & Introduction


How Can I Try UpCity’s Website Auditor?

If you’re an existing UpCity customer, there’s nothing extra you have to do! Our team has rolled out the Website Auditor to all existing campaigns the last few days. You can login now to see the new report and related workflow.

New to UpCity? Check out our free 7-day trial and see the power of our Website Auditor for yourself! Sign up for a no credit card, risk-free trial today!

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