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Corporate video production content is much more versatile than you probably imagine.  And most of the marketing videos you create can be used across many parts of your sales and marketing process. Most marketing investments such as, brochures, blog posts, trade show displays, or emails, reports, and events, are generally one-off uses.  With these investments your company likely achieves one specific goal for each of these investments and then it’s done. It’s time to shift this way of thinking with corporate video production when it comes to sales, marketing, B2B communications, and internal messaging.

This is where corporate video production content comes in. While you may think that a video is a “one and done” project, in reality it has far more potential if you do it right and have an effective video content marketing strategy. Furthermore, the lifespan of a video is far greater than almost any other form of content your company produces. While estimates vary, it is a safe bet that your corporate overview video has a life-span of somewhere around 4-5 years for practical uses….which makes it a great investment with high R.O.I.

Other types of video have the same or longer life spans.  Perhaps you want to make a case study, video testimonial or service overview video.  These video marketing projects also have considerable longevity. They can last 4-5-6-7+ years or longer depending on the evolution of your offerings. As should be apparent, your personal video timeline will correlate with the in-depth nature of your messaging and internal changes in your organization.

In theory, you could have a video that lasts 20 years if your core services and value propositions remain the same.So, what exactly are these practical uses for your corporate video production content? According to Wyzowl, 97% of businesses using explainer videos say it helps users understand their business better. The obvious ways of getting your video out there include uploading it to your website, YouTube, and other video hosting services. Beyond that, you can use your video in email campaigns, presentations, trade show displays, customer support material, blog posts, social media campaigns, and more.

Again, according to Wyzowl, 94% of businesses see video alone as an effective tool. If you exercise a thoughtful content syndication strategy, you can also re-purpose the media of a video for other uses (making it even more effective). After all, what is video and film from a technical perspective? It’s 24 still frames (images) every second in rapid sequence to produce the illusion of motion. Combined with this is the audio and other graphical elements that are added in post-production to aid your messaging and keep the video engaging for audiences. ALL of these are separate elements that you can cut up into individual pieces and distribute.

  • Do you need pictures of a company VIP? Pull stills from a video you produce with her or him in it.
  • Do you need brief audio clips for customer support, phone recordings, or online/broadcast radio marketing material? Pull segments of the audio from a video you produce.
  • Do you need graphical elements for brochures or online advertisements? Simply re-purpose the assets used to make your video.
  • Do you need short video ads for social media or other media outlets? Simply recut parts of your video content already captured. Slice and dice your video to make numerous smaller videos that you can use in new and exciting ways!

The Best Type of Corporate Video Production for Media Re-purposing

Animated explainer videos are probably the best video marketing project your company can multi-purpose. With a plan of action, most videos can be leveraged and re-purposed, but no other provides the amount of assets that animated explainer videos give.

That’s because these types of videos are made up of icons, images, and other graphics that are all made to move by software.  So the core elements of an animated explainer video can be used across other marketing initiatives like email, on your website, blog posts, social media and online advertising. This will ultimately give you a consistent look and feel across an entire campaign.

Here is an example of an animated explainer video along with a PDF that accompanied it.  This PDF was also an 8.5” x 39” direct mail piece that we mailed via UPS to targeted CMO’s.

Why Video Drives Sales

Lastly from Wyzowl, 82% of businesses feel video is an important part of their marketing strategy and 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good R.O.I. If you haven’t guessed it already, video is “The New King Of Content Marketing” (Forbes, 2017). All hail the king.

MultiVision Digital Infographic

There is a caveat to this list of content, however. You are probably unfamiliar with video production and don’t have the skillset to produce quality content. If so, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to repurpose the video beyond very basic elements. This is where a professional video marketing and production services company comes in handy. They know how to shoot and edit your project in a way that makes it easy for multi-purpose use. This way you can take individual elements and apply them to other areas of your business. So, we highly recommend you use a professional service. You know, as opposed to Kyle the intern running around with his new iPhone trying to capture video.

What are your thoughts about multi-purposing video content and the versatility of business video? Have we convinced you of the high R.O.I. that you can expect with corporate video production content? 

We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera!

Robert W
Robert Weiss

Robert Weiss is President of MultiVision Digital, a corporate video production services company in New York, and has a 15 + year background in digital marketing and sales of SaaS platforms.  MultiVision Digital has produced over 650 business promotional videos that have allowed clients to use corporate video marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, improve SEO rankings, increase awareness and client loyalty.  MultiVision Digital’s corporate video production and marketing services include concept and budget planning, producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding, talent and editing) and YouTube video marketing services.