You’ve made a product or perfected a service, generated some advertising, and now want to expand your efforts through an email marketing campaign. Congratulations! Yet when your fingers hit the keyboard, the enthusiasm begins to wane. Words seem slippery; sentences hard to punctuate. Your brain zings back and forth through ideas, but none of them really stick. How can you create an effective email campaign without the right message to send? Relax. We’re here to help.

Studies show that the prospects of someone actually opening your promotional email is a mere 24 percent. Daunting, right? At a time when it feels like you’re facing an uphill battle, you need a good email template. Sure, you may be a whiz at coding, in which case finding a template online is child’s play. However, the rest of us need a little help. That’s why we’re here– to assist you so that you’re not trying to craft something from nothing. After all, according to an iContact study, small and medium-size businesses put down the biggest chunk of change for marketing on email campaigns– a whopping 15 percent on average.

After endless searching, we’ve listed our favorite sites to find customizable email marketing templates. One of the best things about these sites is that they all offer something for nothing. Yep, free templates so that you can streamline your marketing efforts with minimal effort. Enjoy!

Email on Acid is nearly as edgy as it sounds. The website offers innovation in its simplicity. With one free template for you to download, you’re granted access to a customizable template that has been tested across numerous platforms. It has several text blocks that can be easily duplicated, moved or deleted. There are different versions for various platforms, including tablets and small devices, such as iPods and phones.

Cost: Free

Antwort provides you with the skills to produce your own responsive layouts for email. Their templates work with all platforms, including Outlook and mail on iOS. Each template comes with minimal design components so that you can customize them to meet your needs. Their layouts fit and adapt to the width of user screens for maximum readability. Their underlying belief is: “Don’t underwhelm desktop users with single column layouts that work for mobile.”

Cost: Free

99 Designs offers a free trio pack featuring a color-coordinated promotional email, newsletter and notifications template that are ideal for the company who wants to present a unified appearance to their correspondence. Additionally, they provide 12 free email templates that do not necessarily correspond to other templates. 99 Designs also sells templates designed by viewers who participate in an crowd sourced online contest, making it easy to find a desirable design.

Cost: Free for some, small fee for others

Templates Box features a seemingly endless palette of choices. Their selection is broken down by category (hotels, politics, education and business, among many others), and also includes newsletters.

Cost: Free

Copernica crafts professional email templates with effective HTML in mind, making their templates usable for most popular email clients. More, the templates are designed for mobile devices. Once you download a template, you can customize it using your preferred HTML editor.

Cost: Free for some, cost for others

Free Mail Templates boasts over 70 free email templates, each of them conveniently categorized according to theme so that you can search for the perfect one. Their templates balance appearance, headlines and content, and have been tested on numerous clients. They also provide newsletter templates.

Cost: Free

Active Campaign is a pay-for service that features a free trial with over 30 free templates. Its offerings are customizable and truly unique.

Cost: Free for some templates when you sign up; pricing varies depending on number of clients

Graphic Mail  is similar to other services where you are afforded a free trial with access to all of the company’s services, including a sizeable number of email templates. During that time, you have access to support and other features. After 15 days, however, you have to dish out some funds if you want to keep utilizing the service.

Cost: Free for 15 days; fees apply after

Email Blueprints is intended as a starting point for businesses just beginning their email marketing campaigns. Their templates are customizable when uploaded into a MailChimp account, a free service.

Cost: Free

Send Blaster has an impressive catalog of over 130 free email templates. With a simple download, you gain access to templates that are categorized according to topic, including ecommerce, business and motors.

Cost: Free

Zurb Foundation provides four free email templates, with many more available for purchase (naturally). The templates are easy to customize and ideal for businesses in the beginning throes of their email campaign. Each template is incredibly responsive as well.

Cost: Free for some, cost for many

Litmus has undoubtedly some of the most stunning email templates available– and 12 of them are free. In addition to email templates, they offer templates for receipts and coupons, product announcements and newsletters. To see all 12 of their free offerings, you’ll need to scroll all the way down.

Cost: Free

Campaign Monitor is an intuitive service with easily customized templates. Their service encompasses the entire email process, from beginning to end, including measuring the effectiveness of your email campaign. You can use it for free without even creating an account. Send your completed email to your Campaign Monitor account or download it to your device– all free of charge.

Cost: Free

Modgility features several free email templates to spread holiday cheer, allowing you to stay on your customer’s minds during the holiday season and hopefully earn more business at the same time. Some of the templates include room for coupons.

Cost: Free

Collecting the best email template providers is no easy task. No doubt some fantastic choices have been overlooked in this list. Nonetheless, we’re confident that your business will find something that reflects its personality and needs out of these 800+ options. Best of luck in your next email marketing campaign– here’s to many happy clicks.

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared in June 2013. It has been updated to reflect pricing & offering changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions.      

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