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There are lots of different types of corporate video that can be produced for all different areas of your business. Sometimes when it comes to choosing the best types of video to satisfy your business needs, things can get a bit confusing. In order for video to be a highly effective marketing tool, it’s important to evaluate the best way to use it in your company’s marketing plan.

1. Company Profile Video

Most often found on a company website, this video normally serves in two capacities: as a company introduction and for brand recognition. The best corporate video (or commercial video) gives a brief overview of the company, their products or services and often provides some insight into their mission statement. While this video is usually a staple on the company website, other formatted versions may also find their way into social media marketing via YouTube and Facebook, as well as through newsletters.

A company profile video is one of the most effective ways to drive consumers to your company website. People tend to buy from companies and people that they know. It’s just human nature to be most attracted to the familiar. When a company produces a video that showcases their brand, their CEO/management, their staff, and even their company story or mission, this greatly enhances their ability to connect with their consumers on a very personal level. Compelling and engaging video content sells a company and its products much more effectively than any text information or pictures. This is crucial to any business’s success and/or growth.

'Compelling and engaging video content sells a company and its products much more effectively than any text information or pictures.' - Kelly Rose Magnuson, Kelly Rose Productions Click To Tweet

2. Social Media Video

Social Media has become a staple in the marketing industry. Through the use of short “teaser” product and graphic videos, social media is quickly becoming the premier avenue for generating sales. Taking this one step further Facebook Live has stepped up their game to offer live streaming options for everything from training to product demonstrations to live audiences.

A short online commercial that can be used on a landing page of a website or dispersed effectively on social media can have a huge impact on sales for small to medium-sized businesses. Today people have an extremely short attention span. In order for companies to grab customers’ attention before they move on to the next, companies need effective commercials to promote their products and services. It is an essential aspect of marketing your company today, and it has the most effective return on your investment.

3. Industry Video

Producing video content that is aimed at specific audiences within an industry is a very effective way to inform and educate consumers about your products, services, and industry trends. Some examples are the cosmetics industry using how-to videos to showcase specific products or attorneys looking to explain the types of cases they handle within their specific practice. Companies that sell appliances or electronics can produce clear and concrete information in a simple and successful way that no manual could ever communicate so effectively.

4. Customer Testimonial Video

Good reviews sell your products and services. While written reviews are a good start, filmed testimonials build trust in your company. Filmed testimonials put a “real life” name and face to your products and services.

Nothing is quite as powerful as a customer testimonial video. If you have real clients that are willing to show up for a video production shoot and tell the truth about why they love your company’s products or services, you have an extremely reliable way to market your company. Consumers are highly educated these days, and they want to know how past customers feel about your company.

5. Product Launch Video

When launching a new product, it’s a very smart idea to produce a product launch video. You can sell, educate, and entertain all at once. If this new product is an update to an old product, this is an extremely compelling way to differentiate the new product from the older version. This type of video can be used on a company website, social media, and maybe even as an online commercial.

The product video, known in television terms as a commercial, has one purpose: to call you to action. Most often that action is to make a purchase. While many times this video will still make its way onto the television market, more consumers are watching their videos on the internet. This makes perfect sense when you look at the latest stats that reflect 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video online.

6. Internal Training Videos

Training videos have become crucial to not only the customer service department but to company operations. Training videos can bypass the customer frustration of product assemblies to provide simple, easy to follow steps that build good company-consumer relationships. For many businesses, however, training videos have also provided more effective, efficient and easier to comprehend ways for human resources and employee training.

When your company is looking to hire, train, or display information to new and old employees in an engaging and competent way, internal training videos are extremely practical. Especially when hiring new employees, video can make the onboarding process go smoothly and quickly for a large number of people all at once, requiring less manpower, money, and time to get the job done right.

7. Event Documentation Videos

If your company is having some type of corporate event, it is always a good idea to have a videographer/photographer. Video documentation can be extremely important for the company in the long run. And the footage can be repurposed to be used for marketing or internal training at a later date.

Effective Corporate Video Marketing

These days corporate video production has become essential for all different types of companies in all different types of industries. Video marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing out there, that gives you the highest level of impact on your brand and product awareness and a direct impact on your sales. When it comes to choosing the right type of video that can match your marketing needs, you need to find a video production company that will provide solutions to uniquely meet your business goals.

Kelly Rose Magnuson

Business Owner and Video Producer, Kelly Rose Magnusson, started Kelly Rose Productions in July 2014. Kelly's goal, to bring a one of a kind video production company to North Georgia that can deliver premier video content, excellent customer service and is known for its stellar, imaginative creativity.

When it comes to the complex needs associated with video production, Kelly Rose Magnusson can marry artistic passion with the industry's leading skills to produce video products that inspire action. Whether the need is for a large scale corporate video to make your brand recognizable, a product video to highlight your company's services, training videos for your consulting business or capturing that special event, Kelly has the magic to make your brand stand out from the crowd.