If you’re a marketer and you spend any time on Twitter at all, you’re probably aware of the sheer amount of noise and static that fills your timeline every single day. It seems like everyone with a Twitter handle and a free hour of time during the week has begun running a ‘Twitter Chat’, or a real-time collaborative Q&A session that brings people together to discuss a topic or set of questions. As a marketer, this phenomenon has reached fever pitch at an even more astounding rate (you know marketers love to hop on the ‘next big thing’ before it becomes the ‘next big thing’). So how do you separate out all the filler content and focus only on the killer content? Luckily, I’m here to help.

Your Prescription: One High-Quality Twitter Chat per Day

I’ve put together a weekly Twitter Chat regimen, giving you one strong dose every single weekday of valuable digital marketing insights and discussions. There are literally hundreds more to choose from, but these five weekly chats are well-organized, full of insightful questions, feature great influencers in the industry, and are frequented by some of the biggest names in digital marketing. I can guarantee if you show up to any one of these, you’ll eventually run into me and other members of the UpCity team giving out free advice!

Without further ado, here is your weekly Twitter chat schedule:


Hosted by: Michelle Stinson-Ross & Alan K’Necht

Topics: Social Media Strategy
Monday – 6pm PST


Hosted by: Content Marketing World Team
Topics: Content Marketing
Tuesday – 9am PST


Hosted by: SEMRush Team
Topics: SEO, Digital Marketing, Thought Leadership
Wednesday – 8am PST


Hosted by: Hootsuite Team
Topics: Social Media Marketing
Thursday – 12pm PST


Hosted by: The Social CMO
Topics: Marketing Industry, Thought Leadership
Monday – 5pm PST


Do you have any other must-attend Twitter chats that I missed? Please send me an email or drop a comment below and I’m happy to take a look. I’ll see all of you out there on Twitter!

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Andrew has serviced SEO clients across a variety of industries including large-scale e-commerce, retail, home services, and more. As Growth Marketing Manager for UpCity, he works every day to improve our Marketplace experience for agencies and business owners alike.