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“We need a corporate video for the company. Can you make one?”

As a marketer today, you may have heard those cold hard words, dipped your head in anguish, and realized the inevitable has arrived: you’ve been asking to create video content. It sounds easy enough; you’ve seen the “Shot on iPhone” commercials and you’ve got the latest model. How hard can it be?

While capturing high-quality video has never been easier than it is today, creating a compelling, watch-worthy piece of content that holds a viewer’s attention, explains your message, and in turn, drives them to take action isn’t as simple as it might seem. It takes time, skill, training, and a massive amount of preparation (and frankly, it normally can’t be done on an iPhone!). Not all videos need to be crammed full of actors, elaborate sets, and fancy equipment to be successful. In fact, some of the most successful videos out there have been done on some pretty minimal budgets (Dollar Shave Club comes to mind); however, they all have a few key things in common that help to elevate them above the rest.

More video is watched today than at any other time in history, which is why it’s more important than ever to create high-quality content. We put together a list of some basic tips for corporate content creation that will help your team quickly and affordably create a more compelling video.

1. Tell a Story

There’s an old saying, “Nobody likes a speech, but everybody loves a story.” When you create a corporate video, this is the perfect advice to follow. Present the viewer with the story of a problem and walk them through the journey of how your product provides a solution. A problem and solution format helps to keep your message focused and engaging, whereas your typical single-camera interview format can often turn viewers away.

2. Improve Sound Quality

Incredible imagery is easy to capture these days, especially with the rise of stock photography and videography, but people often forget about the importance of sound quality. If you’re doing an interview, it better be professionally recorded! If you’re placing background music, make sure you spend the money and buy it from a quality sound library. Most importantly, get your production professionally mixed. Often the difference between amateur and professional content is the sound quality, not the image quality.

3. Use Interesting Angles 

Stay away from the “looking slightly off camera” style of interview. The Internet is saturated with this type of video content and viewers have become accustomed to it. Try something new like a “look into camera” framing or a hyper close-up on the face. These simple visual tweaks can make a huge impact and catch people’s eye!

4. Pay Attention to Wardrobe, Hair, and Makeup

Seeing multiple people in a row in the same button downs is sleep-inducing. Take a minute and strategize how interviewees can wear different styles, colors, and patterns on camera. This not only displays the individuality of your employees but also allows you to brighten up the scene and add an additional eye-catching element. Hair and makeup are also extremely important, especially for videos in which close up shots will be used. These small details will separate you from the rest and make a huge impact on the quality of your content.

5. Don’t Use Your Own Office 

Every corporate video out there is shot in the company’s office. It makes sense, looks good, and saves money, but what most people don’t realize is offices are terrible places to produce a video. They often cause sound recording issues due to inherent ambient noise and they are difficult to light. Find a secondary location that is quiet, has great interior design, and a unique color palette. It will make your content stand out tremendously!

Taking these small steps can help make a definitive difference in your videos’ performance. A compelling narrative will help increase view-through; crystal clear audio will help convey the quality of your content and in turn of your business; the final finishing touches like staging, hair, and makeup put the icing on the cake. Creating a great video requires careful planning and consideration. Break out the whiteboards, spitball some ideas, and get started! There’s never been a better time than now to invest in video!

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Greg Bassenian is a commercial director and producer, as well as the founder of Aris, a video production company. His professional credits include commercials for Coca-Cola and Chevy, plus brands like Novartis, Amgen, and Johnson and Johnson. Prior to founding Aris, Greg was a television writer/producer with credits on such shows as America’s Next Top Model and CSI: Miami.