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It’s hard to come up with ideas for social videos and ads, mostly because so many of the “good concepts” have already been done before (by your competitors, no less). Video production for Facebook ad creation can be especially challenging since this particular platform’s algorithm is wont to change. However, there are—thankfully—some unchanging aspects that contribute to the creation of a solid Facebook ad.

The Power of Social Proof

It’s an undisputed fact of society that when we don’t know what to do, we look to others to give us cues. The more people do, subscribe to, or believe in something, the more we are convinced that that something is correct. This is the power of social persuasion and, in the case of online marketing, social proof.

In order to win over new consumers, you need your viewers to see that your brand is, in fact, trusted, recommended, and used by a lot of people—preferably people just like them. And you can do so by utilizing a bunch of different things; testimonials, reviews, endorsements, follower number, post engagement, content endorsement, and so on.

When you have a good amount of social proof attached to your brand and content, rest assured a lot of people will sit up and take notice.

Invest in More UGC

UGC—or user-generated content—strikes a great two-for-one blow. It gives you fresh, relevant content that you can use and it nurtures your consumer-brand relationships. How it works, as the name suggests, is that your consumer creates content that is focused on or directed towards your brand—think product review videos, how-to and tutorial videos, unboxing videos, and first impressions videos. They then post it to their own page and either tag or mention you.

If the content agrees with you, you can then share the post to your business page and credit the original poster. In doing so, you create excitement amongst your followers—who love seeing their favorite brands interact with their audience—and a stronger relationship with your existing consumers. In a way, subscribing to UGC save you a good portion of video production resources since it technically gives you content that you didn’t produce.

Value Over Fluff

With the market as saturated as it is, marketers can no longer afford to put out fluff pieces. These are great for building your content reserves and telling search engines you’re active, but it does almost nothing for lead generation.

Viewers want value. They won’t waste time on a video that tells them something they already know or don’t care to know. Even people who watch videos to “waste time” are after the pure entertainment value of the clip. Hence, your video production process needs to focus on creating targeted value.

Make sure you’re able to address your market’s possible pain points and effectively present your brand as the solution. You also need to do all this while simultaneously staying engaging and authentic to your brand voice.

It’s not easy, but anything that’s worth it rarely is.

More Interactive Content

Have you ever come across one of those in-app ads that let you play part of the game before showing the CTA page? Even if you generally ignore a majority of these ads in favor of getting back to your actual game, you’ve probably tried one or two of them out of boredom or curiosity. The best-case scenario for marketers is that you enjoy that little taste so much, you actually click the link and download the game.

That is the power of interactive content. Inviting your audience to be a part of your video or ad is a great way to entice them into actually giving your brand a shot. And this is a fact. Studies show that interactive ads are 47% more effective at generating conversions than non-interactive ones.

Never Forget the CTA

And speaking of CTA, this is another thing you should never forget to add at the end of your video. Your video ad is your bait, but your CTA is the hook. Without it, all you’ve really done is feed the fishes—which is great for the consumers, but not so great for your metaphorical basket.

Your call to action is what will convert leads into actual paying customers, which is why it is so crucial. Forget to add it in, and you render all the effort and all the resources you poured into your video production pretty much useless.

Marton Varo
Marton Varo
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A graduate of Chapman University (BA, Film & TV Production), Marton Varo is an award-winning filmmaker, having received notable recognition from a number of film festivals and institutions world-wide.

Having closely collaborated with Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Leonard Schrader (Kiss of the Spiderwoman) and Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Total Recall), Marton has a solid understanding of storytelling and a unique ability to bring stories to life, from script to screen.

Seeing an exceptional opportunity to combine his cinematic skills and talent with the marketing and advertising arena, Marton founded Brandefy in 2011 to challenge the “norm” of commercial and business video production.