linkportfolio_bannerBuilding a strong link profile can be difficult, especially considering recent changes to Google’s search algorithm. Some may go as far as to ask: Is link-building still relevant in SEO? If so, how has the “rules” changed? Moving forward in 2017, what can you do to improve your link profile get rid of the potentially toxic links that are dragging your ranking and your user experience down? Let’s look at 5 tools to develop a strong link profile for 2017.

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Use Moz’s Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA) to determine the authority of inbound links. Use Zadro’s SEO Auditor to get an even better picture. Typically the higher number the better, but this isn’t always the case. This is a great free option that gets you moving in the right direction and helps you determine if you need invest in the heavy hitters.

An SEO auditor will help identify where inbound links are coming from and what the quality of that link is. If there’s one thing that Google’s impressed upon us in recent years, it’s that quality trumps quantity. Key word stuffing , link farming, creating inbound links from anyone and anywhere just won’t win the day. Search Engines are getting smarter as they evaluate what makes worthy content. They will only get smarter, so links from sharing, authority and other top resources will become the prize.

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Ahrefs is a great tool for link building and just knowing what’s going on in general with your brand, competitors, the industry. Their Site Explorer tool gives you a detailed backlink profile for any URL or website. Evaluate the strength of their backlinks, who links to the site, what anchors are used. This software gives you a snapshot but allows you to track growth over time with advanced filters and reporting so you have the information you need at your fingertips.


SEMRush allows you to gain in depth insight into the backlinks of you and your competitors. Compare and analyze. Understand the referring domain’s authority for both your site and the sites of others. Check backlink types. Improve geolocation. In the furthering of quality over quantity, you will evaluate the number of links. Is the site becoming spammy? Are there links from irrelevant sites? It may be time to purge the toxic waste, for a more quality link profile.


buzzstream-screenshotIf you have trouble developing a routine, Buzzstream may be the answer. Buzzstream helps you prioritize your most influential and and important contacts, schedules followup. Establishing and maintaining relationships is huge when it comes to link building BuzzStream helps you stay organized and on top of things so your link profile never falls behind.

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Moz Open Site Explorer is all about discovering opportunities and taking advantage of them the right way. Uncover the toxic links lurking on your site and eliminate them. Develop a plan and build quality links based on actionable intel.

Build a Stronger Link Portfolio

We all want the quick fix. We’re looking for that string that sends the website to the top. But an essential piece of the strong link puzzle is the actual content. Without it you’ll be working hard not smart and your “pyramid scheme” will collapse and likely move you to the “hate” column with Google. Invest in high quality content. Information should be engaging and informative. It should entertain and inspire. People should want to link to it. The higher quality your content, the higher quality links you will earn from social media, online publications, news sites, etc. as they use your content to support their objectives. Earn quality links by giving people what they want. But develop a strong link profile to help people discover that you’ve got just what they’re looking for.

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