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Your website is both an online home and a digital employee who’s on duty 24/7. With someone on staff at all times, you’d expect to see a positive ROI with your website, right?  

Although your current site may be technically functional and look beautiful it may be hindering positive results.

When you hire an employee you invest their training and development. Perhaps you set up KPIs to evaluate if your expectations are being met.

Your website should be no different.

If you’re noticing any of the five signs with your website then it may be time to consider a redesign.

Sign #1:  Your Website Looks and Feels Outdated

The way your website content is presented contributes to your brand experience in-person. Ask yourself this question: “Does my website accurately reflect the quality of my product and services.”

According to Google, 46.1% of prospects assess the credibility of your site based on layout, typography, color palette, and visual design.

Here is a clear example of what your website should not look like:

Bad Website Example

Some things to watch out with are:

  • Too much text:
  • No photos or bad quality images
  • Stale, old content
  • No clear navigation or too many navigation links

Sign #2: There’s a Lag in Load Time

Nowadays you aren’t just competing against your direct competitors, but every other business trying to get your consumer’s attention. The easiest way to lose people is by exhausting their patience with a slow loading website.

How slow is too slow?

Well, according to surveys conducted by Akamai and, 3 seconds of load time is enough to drive people off your site. On top of that 79% of e-commerce shoppers who experienced poor website performance said they wouldn’t be repeat customers because of the bad experience.

Consumers perception, emotions, and attitudes that result from using your website will be negatively affected if there is a constant delay in load time. A good way to assess your site’s load time is by using Google’s free PageSpeedInsights tool. The lack of responsiveness in your website can also be due to an outgrown server so evaluate this when considering a website redesign project.

Page Speed Insights

Sign #3: Your Site Does a Poor Job at Keeping Visitors

Driving traffic to your site is one thing but keeping visitors on it is another story.

The percentage of people that land on your site but then leave without taking any other action on your site is referred to as bounce rate.

Bounce rate can vary by industry but Brafton found that the average bounce rate lands at around 58.18%. In general anything above an 80% bounce rate is considered a “bad bounce rate”.

Brafton Survey

A few factors contribute to a high bounce rate:

  • High loading times/low website speed
  • Misleading page titles: content on your page does not match users expectations
  • Broken link/404 error
  • Outdated website (see sign #1)
  • Bad user experience

Sign #4: Your Website is Becoming Hard to Update

Your site is not meant to be a one and done thing but an evolving part of your business. Publishing consistent quality content is a good way to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing and establish your business as an authority.

If you are having issues with updating your site easily, or not at all, then you have a major issue at hand. Content management systems (CMS), like WordPress and Drupal, make it simple for business owners with intermediate level webmaster savviness to update content on their site. A CMS will allow you to add blogs, optimize pages, and handle the overall back of your site. If you aren’t currently using a CMS then it might be time for a website redesign.

Wordpress CMS

Sign #5: It Fails at Generating Leads

If designed correctly your site can be a lead generating machine. Your site is a digital employee who should be advocating for your business 24/7 but if it’s not doing so then evaluate what might be causing the issue.

A few reasons why you may be experiencing a downward spiral in your lead generation efforts:

  • SEO: poor SEO keyword choice and/or placement
  • Site traffic is static or declining: Assess whether you have a traffic problem, a conversion problem, or both. If your Google Analytics show that traffic is not an issue but you’re failing to generate many leads then you have a conversion problem.
  • Poor CTAs: Call to actions need to be used strategically so a few things to consider are:
    • Size/placement of CTAs
    • CTA copy
    • Too many CTAs
    • Not enough CTAs

Did You Identify With One or More of These Signs?

A website redesign is an investment but ignoring the signs may be more detrimental to your business survival and may cost you more than the investment itself. Your website serves as your online home so it’s crucial that you assess whether it’s contributing to your business goals or not. If any of these signs felt like they were describing your current situation then a website redesign is the answer to improving your website for conversions and performance.

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