Once upon a time, a great web page was all you really needed to wow visitors. In today’s world, awesome content comes in all shapes and sizes, and the more diverse your strategies, the more engaged your audience is likely to be. Naturally, in this era of social media sharing and ever-evolving web content, YouTube has found a special place in marketers’ hearts.

When Google purchased YouTube a decade ago, nobody really knew what the future of web content would look like. Now that said search engine has turned its brand into a household name that acts as both a verb and a noun, the impact of its video platform is indisputable. In fact, according to an article published by Pew Research Center last year, “YouTube has the next greatest reach in terms of general usage, at 48% of U.S. adults.”

Ready to make the power of YouTube play on your company’s team? Check out these YouTube tricks that every marketer should know:

1. You can create a link to a YouTube video that starts whenever you darn well please.

The beauty of our on-demand world is that you can control what you see and when you see it. In terms of marketing, this power can be quite strategic, particularly in the YouTube world. Whether you want viewers to see a specific how-to tip that you’ve created on a longer DIY video, or you simply want people to hear how Prince felt about the downpour that ensued before his Super Bowl performance, you can usher your audience to that specific moment on the video, rather than making them wait through the entirety of the post.

The easiest way to create a link that starts at a specific time in the video, you’ll want to:

  • Open the video.
  • Pause it at the moment you wish your audience to begin viewing it.
  • Click “Share” underneath the video.
  • Check the box that says “Start at:”

You’ll be given a URL, which can then be used as an outlink in your web content.

2. Google Trends is an analytics tool similar to AdWords and other engagement measuring devices.

Google Trends is a great way to find out what keywords people are searching for so you can utilize high-searched phrases to optimize your content. It’s also an awesome way to find out what search queries are making it big on the YouTube scene.

To figure out what’s going on in the YouTube universe, simply:

  • Open Google Trends.
  • Type a phrase into the search field. You can also choose other phrases if you wish to compare results by utilizing the “add comparison” sections.
  • Click the box that says “Web Search,” and select “YouTube Search.”

Often times, you’ll find that the phrases that do well with Google searches aren’t what people are looking for when they poke around on YouTube. Knowing what your audiences are looking for in various places can help you optimize your content marketing efforts.

3. You can live stream on YouTube.

Think YouTube is just a place where already-made videos lie in wait? Think again! With audiences growing more and more appreciation for watching events as they take place, your company can position itself before your followers by taking advantage of YouTube’s live-streaming capabilities. This is a great way to introduce customers to your team members, showcase live events, and tell the world what you’re all about in real time.

  • Log into YouTube.
  • Click “Upload” at the top right of your screen.
  • Choose the “Live Streaming” option on the right side of your screen, and get started.
  • Walk through the wizard, and start telling the world how amazing your business is!

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Jordan is the Manager of Content & Product Marketing at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.