We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will have the greatest impact on improving a small business’s visibility in search engines, local and social.

The featured business today has been an UpCity client for over 5 months! Located in Fresno, CA, Kennington Jewelers has been a successful jewelry authority for several decades. The business specializes in jewels, watches, and other decorative accessories.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get into the matter at hand and find a few quick SEO wins for a phenomenal small business! No doubt your business will learn some takeaways from our UpCity site reviews.

Kennington Jewelers Homepage

On-Site, On The Right Track

Right off the bat, we are excited! Through active participation and consistent effort in its UpCity account, we see that Kennington Jewelers is making all the right digital marketing moves.

First, the website is listed in Google and Google Plus Local, which will ensure the site is ranked and help customers find the business on the SERP (search engine results pages).  Kennington Jewelers also has a descriptive, location-based title tag on the homepage.  Looking at its keywords, the website consistently ranks high for keywords specific to its location, such as “fresno jewelers in ca” and “fresno jewelry.”

Local and Social Are Sparkling

Looking at the business’s local and social media tactics, we are happy to report the high activity on Facebook, where a majority of their social media followers reside. They also have a well-curated Pinterest page showcasing a plethora of jewels that are available for purchase, each image with a great detailed description. Pinterest is an excellent platform for cultivating a precisely targeted audience, so you can bet their page, with over 78 followers and counting, will continue to grow.

KenningtonJewelers.com maintains an up-to-date presence on Yelp. The local information is 100% accurate, and they respond to all the client reviews. These two components are critical for local search. Furthermore, the website is submitted to many top directories recommended in our UpCity tool, which continues to boost their rankings and establish their presence in the SERPs.

Example of UpCity Keyword Tool

For the most part, Kennington Jeweler’s on-site SEO is quite solid. However, on-site is an important and quick way to gain ground! We want to propose a few suggestions to lift the website’s placement in search engines, so lets dive in.

1. Insert optimized main keywords in the <BODY> of the homepage.

Kennington Jeweler’s main keywords are not in its homepage body tags. Inserting the targeted keyphrases in the homepage body text will enhance the website’s position in Google and other search engines. You can directly make changes to site content via a CMS plug-in, which will be an automatic and easy method. Although not mandatory, this is a valuable place to naturally insert your top keywords.

Example of UpCity Tool

2. Create keyword diversity from your location and products/services.

The website is currently tracking a majority of keywords focused on the brand and location. The website is excelling with this strategy. In fact, the business’s primary keyword, “jewelrys fresno ca” continues to achieve a #2  ranking in Google.

To cultivate a wider audience from different niches who could potentially become buyers, Kennington Jewelers may want to focus on keywords surrounding different types of jewelry. This strategy could be utilized on top of their efforts pinpointing location-based keywords, as shown above. The business’s product pages or seasonal sales may provide several ideas for keywords to target. We have an inkling that most people looking to purchase jewelry in Google aren’t only looking for “any type of jewelry.” These potential buyers probably have specific types of jewelry (or keywords) in mind.

For example, we used the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to test out this theory. We typed the domain “kenningtonjewelers.com” into the Google Keyword Tool, selected the “Jewelry” category, and then clicked “Search.” As a result, we received the below keywords:

Example of Google Keyword Tool

3. Cultivate more high-quality links.

The jewelry business currently owns an adequate number of backlinks, which we found by looking at its UpCity in-depth Link Analysis report. Kennington Jewelers should continue to build strong link-building efforts to induce a significant amount of traffic. Simply put, Kennington Jewelers will need to get featured or guest post on an external source that is more highly ranked. Another great idea is to participate in online jewelry forums, which promotes themselves as a jewelry authority. This tactic also helps their standing in the search engines as high-quality promotion will start coming in from a variety of well-regarded sources.

Example2 of Google Keyword Tool

BONUS: Connect Facebook and Twitter content updates to remain active on both.

Right now, Kennington Jeweler’s Facebook is thriving, whereas the Twitter account is lacking some engagement. A quick fix would be to simply connect both accounts with a social media management platform such as HootSuite or Buffer. View the top 25 social media web apps for some ideas. In effect, the Facebook posts will automatically get sent to the Twitter account at the same time.

Example3 of UpCity tool

By using a social media platform, you can communicate with at least two strong audiences and use time efficiently:

Kennington Jewelers Twitter

That was a great review for an active and motivated client! Throughout the past few months, Kennington Jewelers has made a lot of SEO progress, and we are confident their success will continue to be seen in the future when applying these online marketing tactics. Thanks guys!

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