Welcome to another phenomenal week in our series of 3 quick and easy SEO wins! This week, we venture into the heights of Earth Treks, a well-regarded rock climbing gym franchise in the Baltimore-Washington area. Stationed in Maryland since 1999, Earth Treks has opened three rock climbing locations. A fourth location is currently being built in Golden, Colorado. The business also owns one of one of the largest indoor climbing walls in the U.S! The website shows a separate page for each of its locations, which reflects their respective differences.

All in all, this is an exciting, healthy business to dive right into! Let’s take a closer look at Earth Treks’ website and propose some quick tips to accomplish easy SEO. Perhaps some of these tactics can also be applied to your SMB.

screenshot of earth trek's website

First of all, it must be said that Earth Treks demonstrates solid SEO, both on-site and off-site. The website focuses on a mixture of decent to high quality backlinks, and we found many positive local reviews on Timonium,MD and Rockville, MD’s Google Plus Local pages to bolster the business’s reputation.

Looking at Earth Treks’ social media involvement, we like what we see overall. Earth Treks created a Facebook page for each of their locations. In addition, the Facebook and Twitter pages are quite active, with the team churning out fresh content on a regular basis. Whether in the form of answering a customer question, promoting a contest, or posting an image, Earth Treks is highly involved with its Facebook and Twitter platforms. Congratulations guys! Many businesses have trouble connecting with customers on social media platforms simply because it’s time-consuming to cultivate a great online presence, both technically and socially. Although it takes effort, both technically and socially, it’s important to keep your website’s traffic from falling by the wayside.

screenshot of earth trek's facebook

Here are three essential, quick tips that will help to increase the vibrancy of EarthTreksClimbing.com.

1. Publish content on a consistent basis.

Browsing Earth Treks’ blog, we found that new content has not been added since the end of 2012. Additionally, the website posts infrequent and short updates, which are similar to news stories you might find on a Twitter or Tumblr feed. If Earth Treks wants the blog to become more active and increase its readership, the team will need to utilize content creation and strategy, and they should post fresh content on a more consistent and frequent basis.

Similarly with its Youtube Channel, a video has not been uploaded in more six months. Yet, the previous videos generally received a nice amount of traffic. If the business added some customer feature videos or short training videos, it has the potential to create a huge traffic driver! The business should have no problem finding viewers with high quality and original videos uploaded to YouTube. Learn more about creating a YouTube channel and gaining free traffic for your business.

In addition, the video content can be repurposed and made into shorter Instagram and Vine videos. Why not get ahead of their neighboring rock climbing competitors right now and begin posting shorter clips? This additional strategy to utilize the videos would create exciting buzz and won’t cost additional funds.

2. Create more specific title tags.

The current homepage title tag for the website is: “Earth Treks Climbing Center – Rock Climbing Gym.”

This title tag is descriptive and contains some important, quality keywords for the business. However, the same practice should be be carried to the individual location pages.

For example, the title tag for the Timonium, MD, location page is: “Timonium Fitness & Climbing Center – Earth Treks Climbing.”

One recommendation to improve the local targeting is to add the keyword modifier “Maryland,” such as: “Timonium, MD Fitness & Climbing Center – Earth Treks Climbing.” If a business has local customers, it is important that the city AND state of the target market are included in all location pages. This is a quick fix that can do wonders for your local page visibility on search engines.

3. Manage Google Plus Local listings.

To be honest, Earth Treks is doing well in this department, but we want to recommend a couple small tactics that will help increase traffic to the website. Earth Treks owns two Google Plus Local pages (Timonium, MD and Rockville, MD). Each Google Pus Local page showcases vibrant photographs and glowing reviews.

The business should continue to the success of their Google Plus Local pages by reaching out and responding to these reviews, even the positive customer feedback. You want to reward customers for taking the time to write on your behalf and address the negative reviews in a positive manner.

One other Google Plus item to discuss is the links located on the Google Plus Local pages. We noticed how they are both linking to the main website of earthtreksclimibing.com rather than the Google Plus Local pages. Interestingly enough, Earth Treks also had the foresight to create pages on its website specifically for each location. Remember, with local SEO, it is better to be specific and targeted rather than broad.

Since location pages already exist, link back to them from Google Plus Local.

earth trek's rockville google plus local

As shown here as well:

earth trek's rockville google plus local

There you have it, folks! Three quick and easy SEO wins that will be sure to boost Earth Treks’ rankings and traffic if they so choose. Come back next week to read more SEO tips for small businesses!

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