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When we talk about all the great bloggers in the world of SEO, social media, inbound marketing and even small business, the ones to make the “great” lists are usually those who have been around the block a few times. Longevity is certainly one way to build brand recognition in the industry. But what about the new kids on the block? Just because a blog wasn’t launched before “blogging” became the must-do marketing technique doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold the keys to your online marketing success.

So that’s why we decided to take a look at some newbie blogs and identify a few of the up-and-comers who may be newer to the world of blogging, but are definitely worth adding to your RSS feed. The following 25 blogs in their respective categories have some of the most impressive tips and content in the blogosphere, clearly demonstrating that you can still make a mark even if you’re late on the start.


  1. webTEGRITY – In addition to do-gooder giveaways benefiting SAPA, Western Hills and other organizations, webTEGRITY has some pretty nice resources for SEO on their blog to date—and we’re putting our money on this blog continuing to grow as a solid SEO resource.
  2. Plag Spotter – Plag Spotter’s blog launched in 2012, and it’s a great resource for those tricky SEO quandaries such as duplicate content. Good stuff here, and more to come. Oh, and it’s a cool tool for checking for plagiarism, too.
  3. Lucidel – Google Analytics, setting goals, ecommerce and deep-dive analytics discussions can be yours by visiting Lucidel’s blog.
  4. Origami LogicOrigami Logic is all about analytics, with a blog that delves into the technological aspects of marketing to satisfy your inner tech geek.
  5. Capture the Conversation – Brought to you by social media agency Room 214, Capture the Conversation covers SEO, SEM, social media, mobile marketing and more.
  6. Justin Briggs – Justin Briggs discusses content marketing, SEO, keyword optimization, re-targeting, Google Authorship and other cool stuff—and we expect more cool stuff in the near future. One to read!

Online Marketing

  1. Janet Penn Consulting – Janet Penn Consulting is a new agency offering web design, Internet marketing and SEO services. The blog is already packed with tips on YouTube, content marketing, video strategies and more.
  2. Trackur – Trackur’s blog is relatively new, but it offers a lively mix of fun roundups, infographics, serious insights and more.
  3. Visual.ly – One of the key platforms for infographic marketing, Visual.ly also provides a robust resource via its blog, covering primarily the visual components to online marketing and plenty of infographic madness.
  4. The Infogram Blog – Infogr.am is one of the latest awesome infographic tools to hit the ‘net, and we anticipate amazing infographic tips and advice from The Infogram Blog. In fact, you’ll already find some of that there, along with some tutorials for using the platform.
  5. Fliptop – A customer intelligence platform for marketers, Fliptop features a blog that covers sales, customer feedback, making sales, prospecting, generating leads and much more.
  6. Swipp – Swipp loves data about as much as we do, but covers all things design, marketing, analytics, social and more.
  7. Umbel – A brand new blog for Umbel, a company that emphasizes the value of your audience, talks data rights and the value of a Facebook login in addition to Umbel news and updates. Another one to watch, as we’re giddy with excitement about what greatness will emerge from Umbel.
  8. Markerly – A blog about “the future of content and why you need a content strategy,” Markerly talks startups, tech, marketing and more.

Social Media

  1. Leadhub – Leadhub offers a mix of insights into Facebook, content marketing, Google+ and general social media greatness.
  2. Maximize Social Media – Mike’s Blog at Maximize Social Media is chock-full—117 pages chock-full—despite the fact that it’s only been around since May 2012. What’s that mean for you? Mike’s spilling his secrets in full force, and you don’t want to miss it.
  3. Engage: Social Media Blog – Wild Frog Studio has a product launch blog and Engage, its social media blog. Launched in 2012, Engage covers all the major social networks, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you name it—with tips and resources for maximizing your social presence.
  4. Eboxed – eboxed covers everything you want to know about social media—getting more followers, generating leads, running contests and more. This is definitely one to watch.
  5. Viral Content BuzzYep, you guessed it: Viral Content Buzz is all about the power of content and how it plays a role in, well, pretty much everything. Founded by Gerald Weber and Ann Smarty, Viral Content Buzz definitely has some great things to come.
  6. Spindle – Spindle is a new social app designed to help you discover and share what’s going on in the world around you. Learn about how Spindle can help you stay in touch with the world without ever leaving the comfort of your mobile device—taking the concept of social to a whole new level.

Small Business

  1. Smart SEO Designs – Smart SEO Designs is a web design and SEO agency, but their blog covers everything from mobile to social to reputation management. In other words, all the things we love.
  2. Agency Spotter – A cool search tool to help you find the right marketing agency for your needs, Agency Spotter’s blog focuses on company news and resources, but also fun marketing stuff like roundups of the top interactive media agencies.
  3. Lift – Lift is a newer productivity app, and the Lift blog doesn’t disappoint with some nice productivity hacks and other goodies for businesses small and large, or anyone who just wants better control over the demands of daily life.
  4. Mural.ly –Mural.ly is a unique platform that serves a variety of functions, acting as a Google Docs-esque sharing and organization application. The blog is a valuable resource for small business owners who are trying to enhance visual collaboration, packed with tips on using Mural.ly as well as case studies on how other businesses are capitalizing on the app’s capabilities.
  5. Newsle – Newsle lets you follow your friends in the news and enhance your network, with a blog focused on startups, CEOs, and movers-and-shakers posts covering a variety of industries. A great read for small business owners.

Any up-and-comers that have blown you away right off the bat this year? Give them a shout-out in the comments below!